What is the minimum order quantity for chocolate foil wrappers?

There have a minimum order quantity if you want to make your personalized candy foil wrapper. We also have some available foil wrappers in stock. You […]
available emboss pattern

What the emboss pattern available use for candy foil wrap paper?

There have some available emboss patterns you could select. You don’t need need to pay to emboss cylinder fee if use these emboss cylinder to make […]

How to custom print logo design foil wrapper?

1.Provide the print logo design or pattern design file of the foil wrapper you want to custom. It’s best if you have the manuscript file in […]
Custom roll foil wrapper

What the foil wrapper size there could custom?

Custom the foil wrapper in roll and sheet size is no problem for us. For foil rolls, the max width is 500mm. The roll’s inner diameter […]