Foil backing paper

What is foil backing paper material?

Chocolate Foil backing paper material is means aluminum foil and paper composite material. There have two structures. Aluminum foil + glue + paper Aluminum foil thickness […]
two color printing foil wrapper

How much foil wrapper printing cylinder fee?

The foil wrapper print cylinder fee is 80USD for each color. First, you need to know how many colors in your design—for example, this picture.   […]
Chocolate bar wrapped by embossing foil backing paper

How much the foil wrapper emboss cylinder fee?

How much the foil wrapper emboss cylinder fee? Chocolate foil wrapper one emboss cylinder fee about 1300USD. The exact cost depends on the emboss pattern you […]
chocolate bar wrapped by emboss logo foil wrapper

How to custom embossed logo for foil wrapper?

1.Provide the emboss logo design file of the foil wrapper you want to custom. It’s best if you have the manuscript file in AI, PDF, or […]