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What Is The Wear Characteristics Of The Rolling Process?
Mar 09, 2017

In the rolling process, due to the plastic deformation of the metal, continuous generation of new surfaces, but also in the contact surface with a high unit pressure, coupled with high deformation temperature, sliding speed and other characteristics, so that the surface of the roll adhesion of metal , Roll wear and other phenomena is particularly prominent. When the adhesion between the metal and the roll, the sliding friction between the two will be transformed into the metal surface of the internal friction, the secondary surface of the shear deformation, so that the metal adhesion to change the location of the friction state, Resulting in changes in the state of the metal stress and changes in the flow state. As a result, the friction is increased, the energy consumption is increased, the surface of the product is significantly damaged, and the roll is abruptly worn out, and the service life is shortened, and the rolling process can not be performed normally.

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