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Wang Hejun, Director Of The Trade Relief Investigation Bureau Of The Ministry Of Commerce, Made A Speech On The Preliminary Ruling On The US Anti-subsidy Investigation Of Aluminum Foil In China
Sep 07, 2017

August 7, the US Department of Commerce announced the Chinese aluminum foil products countervailing investigation preliminary ruling, ruled that Chinese enterprises 16.56% -80.97% of the subsidy. Wang Hejun, director of the Trade Relief Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, made a speech on this issue.

Wang Hejun pointed out that in this case, the US investigative authorities ignore the Chinese government and enterprises in the active cooperation in the raw material subsidies, no basis to identify China's primary aluminum and thermal coal producers as "public institutions" to the downstream enterprises to provide "subsidies" ; In the policy of loan projects, regardless of the fact that China's banking industry has been market-oriented, continue to identify China's commercial banks as "public institutions", through loans to domestic enterprises subsidies, and based on unreasonable foreign interest rates to calculate the high Subsidy; in the case of export buyer's credit project, in the absence of preliminary evidence, the Chinese government and responding enterprises are required to prove that the involved enterprise has not used the alleged credit project and mistakenly transferred the burden of proof to the Chinese side.

Wang Hejun said that for some time, the US side in the aluminum industry moves frequently. Although the US Department of Commerce said that the dual case of aluminum foil and the national security on the aluminum 232 investigation is not related, but these two surveys may have a significant impact on the import and export of aluminum foil products, to give the US aluminum foil industry multiple relief, the Chinese side said highly anticipated.

Wang stressed that the Chinese side urged the US side to act cautiously and make a fair decision to avoid any negative impact on the normal economic and trade exchanges between China and the United States.

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