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US International Trade Commission On China Aluminum Foil To Make Double Reverse Industry Damage Preliminary Ruling
Jun 20, 2017

US International Trade Commission on China aluminum foil to make double reverse industry damage preliminary ruling

April 21, 2017, the US International Trade Commission issued a notice that imports from China's aluminum foil (aluminumfoil) to make double anti-industrial damage affirmative preliminary ruling, initially ruled that imports of products from China on the US domestic industry caused substantial damage The In this ruling, five members of the International Trade Commission voted. The US Department of Commerce is expected to be June 2, 2017 on the case to make countervailing preliminary ruling, in August 16, 2017 on the case to make anti-dumping preliminary ruling.

March 28, 2017, should be the American Aluminum Association of Trade Law Enforcement Working Group (aluminumassociationtradeenforcementworkinggroup) filed on March 9, 2017, the US Department of Commerce announced the formal import of aluminum foil from China to start anti-dumping and countervailing investigation. The present case deals with products under the United States Harmonized Tariff Code No. 7607.11.3000,7607.11.6000,7607.11.9030,7607.11.9060,7607.11.9090 and 7607.19.6000, and the tariff number 7606.11.3060,7606.11.6000,7606.12.3045, 7606.12.3055,7606.12.3090,7606.12.6000,7606.91.3090,7606.91.6080,7606.92.3090 and 7606.92.6080.



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