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The Working Principle Of Aluminum Foil Rolling Production System
Mar 09, 2017

Rolling is the process of continuous plastic deformation of the metal. Its production efficiency is high, so it is the most widely used plastic processing methods. Rolled products account for more than 90% of all plastic processed products. Steel, nonferrous metals, some rare metals and their alloys can be used for rolling processing. Rolling can change the shape and size of metal, but also can improve the ingot and continuous casting billet of the initial as-cast structure, refine the grain, improve the phase composition and distribution of the state, which can improve product performance.

According to the arrangement of the roll and the direction of rotation, the movement of the workpiece and the shape of the product, the rolling method mainly includes longitudinal rolling, rolling and inclined rolling. According to the rolling process of metal hardening, recovery and recrystallization of different degrees, the dairy is divided into hot rolling, cold rolling and hot rolling.

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