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The First China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award Awards - Presenting The Contribution Of Aluminum Foil To Sustainable Development And The Innovative Trend Of Industry Chain
Jul 31, 2017

July 20, 2017 "China Aluminum foil Innovation Award" award ceremony held in Shanghai China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition. 13 companies of 16 aluminum foil products and solutions to obtain the first "China Aluminum foil Innovation Award" award. Aluminum foil industry chain to take this activity, better display of aluminum foil has the ability, responsible and sustainable product image, for the negative question of aluminum foil, issued a positive voice of the industry, to promote the community to the diversity of aluminum applications, show the industry The ability to innovate, boost green production and green consumption.


The "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award" with the theme "Aluminum Foil - Innovative Care for the Future" was supported by China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, Global Aluminum Foil Producers Initiative, European Aluminum Foil Association, Reed Exhibitions Group. Vice President and Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association Zhang Jilin, Director of the European Aluminum Foil Association Director Guido Aufdemkamp, Director of the Ministry of Light Metals of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Yang Yubo, Deputy Secretary General of China Aluminum Association of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, The award ceremony. Part of the aluminum foil production enterprises, aluminum foil products manufacturing enterprises, aluminum foil users, representatives of the news media attended the award ceremony.


It is reported that the aluminum foil innovation award is the first time in China, the global production of large aluminum foil power countries held. The purpose of the event is to collect and select the newly developed and commercial applications of aluminum enterprises and the best solution, and do a wide range of public welfare spread and promotion to encourage and advocate aluminum foil upstream and downstream enterprises in close cooperation to show Aluminum foil this material of the excellent characteristics and special effects, to promote the application of aluminum foil, to bring more convenience for consumers at the same time, but also to promote the green tea products on social consumption and sustainable development to make greater contributions.

Mr. Dong Chunming, China Coordinator of the Global Aluminum Foil Producer Initiative, announced the award results on behalf of the jury, and Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, presented the medal to the winning unit and delivered a speech. Mr. Wu Qingjiu, General Manager of Kunshan Aluminum Company and Mr. Yu Chongye, General Manager of Qingdao Weile Commodity Co., Ltd., respectively, on behalf of the winning unit.


The activities of the start, the aluminum industry chain has been a positive response to the industry and the majority of industry colleagues in the high degree of concern. More than 30 units have submitted nearly 50 products and projects, including aluminum foil rolling products and aluminum foil applications, including aluminum foil containers, flexible packaging, electronics, electricity, construction, automotive, home appliances, medicine, food and other fields. Basically covered the main application areas of aluminum foil, is a real cross-industry, through the industry chain of a selection activities. Organizers organized by the seven independent experts in the industry composed of jury, the judges involved in the professional aluminum foil processing, aluminum quality and standards, aluminum foil market, industry management and so on. According to the principles of heavy technology innovation, heavy product application, heavy market orientation and heavy industry chain cooperation, the jury has selected 16 award-winning products and projects, involving 13 industry leading companies, Were awarded the Marketing and Design Award, the convenience of the Consumer Award, the Resource Efficiency Award, the Product Protection Award, the Technology Innovation Award, and a jury special prize.


The jury believes that we are very pleased to see the reporting unit reported Ling Lang everywhere, a variety of innovative applications and solutions for aluminum foil. The selection of the "China Aluminum foil Innovation Award" products, the basic representative of the current Chinese aluminum foil production and manufacturing of the advanced level, showing the progress of the aluminum foil industry, reflects the recent development of aluminum foil market focus and trends. The award-winning products are mainly used in the domestic market, highlighting the aluminum foil materials in the green consumption, resource conservation and emerging industries in the application of advantages, from one side to pass the aluminum foil industry is accelerating from manufacturing to service manufacturing transformation of the good momentum.


It is reported that the award-winning products are colorful, close to the market close to life close to consumption, and other industrial products compared to more colorful, vibrant and attractive.


For example, there are four products related to aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers, which are in recent years in the domestic application of faster growth in the market area. Both in the Hangzhou G20 summit on the application of large-scale international activities to contribute to health and safety of environmentally friendly heat-sealed aluminum foil lunch boxes; also have in the major cities catering enterprises, school hospital canteen, dining chair take-up market, a large number of applications, alternative white garbage And plastic packaging, protection of food safety aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers.


In the packaging, aluminum foil has been widely penetrated into the packaging products and packaging form, aluminum foil for the Chinese characteristics of the packaging application provides more innovative support. Award-winning products, including personalized digital aluminum foil bags, can achieve a pack of one package of packaging and printing technology for brands and customers to provide a differentiated services; there are indispensable indigo foil sterile package products, quality In order to improve the cost of packaging materials to provide a guarantee, the further thinning of aluminum foil and its high barrier to the same, in order to improve the efficiency of aseptic bag resources to make a contribution; even the current popular domestic fashion spicy lobster also used The heat sealing aluminum foil container packaging, crayfish product sales cycle greatly extended, so that the original can only be in the 6-9 months only lobster can be eaten into a year can be eaten at any time to the crayfish. Aluminum foil in the instant noodle packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, composite tank sealing applications are also the product award, aluminum foil product safety, health maintenance, aluminum foil is conducive to the convenience of consumption design are the reasons for the award of these products.


In recent years, some companies are optimistic about the potential consumption of aluminum foil in the family market, the blue ocean, and actively expand the aluminum foil retail market. In view of the efforts and effectiveness of Qingdao Weile Company in the development of domestic aluminum foil container and home foil retail market, the jury thinks that it should be commended and encouraged to decide to award the "special jury prize".


In addition to aluminum foil packaging and containers, this award-winning aluminum foil products also include industrial technology products, such as the international market into the construction of ultra-wide aluminum foil composite thermal insulation products; used in high-voltage grid capacitor group 4-4.5mm super Thin power capacitors with aluminum foil; there are nearly two years of domestic applications of the rapid increase in lithium-ion battery with aluminum foil, domestic aluminum foil enterprises for new energy vehicles, mobile phones and other markets for lithium-ion battery burst growth, the development of high-quality battery current collector With aluminum foil, instead of imported products.


China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association Zhang Jilin, vice chairman of the speech after the award, he said that in recent years, China's aluminum foil industry has developed rapidly, production capacity are ranked first in the world. China's aluminum foil industry not only has a world-class production equipment, but also to promote the world's aluminum foil processing industry has made great contributions to technological progress, China is leading the world's aluminum foil processing industry into the use of continuous casting billet production of high-end double zero aluminum foil era. After years of development, China emerged a number of internationally competitive aluminum foil production and processing enterprises.


In recent years, China's domestic consumption of aluminum foil continued to grow, the scope of application continues to grow, consumer structure escalating, especially in the field of packaging applications continue to appear, the proportion continues to increase. However, compared with developed countries, our country per capita consumption of aluminum foil there is a certain gap in the consumption structure is also mainly industrial applications, which is developed in the application of packaging-based structure is just the opposite. This gap is that the future of China's aluminum foil consumer market there is a big room for growth, which the current economic downturn under the new situation to expand the domestic consumption of aluminum foil is particularly important, on the one hand can resolve excess capacity to improve the industry operating conditions, On the other hand will also promote green consumption, is conducive to resource conservation, food safety and environmental protection. We believe that through this event, we will be able to further emphasize the advantages of aluminum foil, praise aluminum foil material innovation, manufacturing innovation, product innovation, design innovation, application innovation, recycling innovation, show the aluminum foil industry chain responsibility and social responsibility, The creation of the ability to create a unique way to promote the entire industry and social innovation and creative process. This is also the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association to implement the State Council "to create a good market environment to promote non-ferrous metal industry to promote restructuring and increase the effectiveness of the guidance" spirit, expand aluminum consumption and space in a positive attempt.


Mr. Guido Aufdemkamp, Director General of the European Aluminum Foil Association, was commissioned by Stefan Glimm, Director General of the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Initiative to attend the award ceremony from Germany. He said he was very pleased to see over the years in the global influential European aluminum foil annual selection activities will be used by Chinese counterparts and started. This clearly shows that aluminum foil innovation activities are more in the Chinese market. "European Aluminum foil Innovation Award" has been held for many years, as the industry chain is very concerned about and actively participate in an activity, has been attracting multinational companies and aluminum foil manufacturers and processors to participate. Its award-winning products in fact for the European industry's product creativity and functional upgrading to establish a new benchmark, has a good role model, so that more people found the aluminum foil performance diversity and ability to create a high Level of new research and development ideas, and to make improvements to existing products.


At the ceremony, Dong Chunming revealed a set of data on aluminum foil to illustrate the importance of the continued expansion of the aluminum foil market. According to the aluminum industry is still light information, the current production capacity of China's aluminum foil production volume consumption has been ranked first in the world. Aluminum foil production increased from 660,000 tons in 2006 to 3.4 million tons in 2016. China's aluminum foil production accounts for about 65% of the total global output; aluminum foil exports increased from 186,000 tons in 2006 to 2016 Year of 1.08 million tons; aluminum foil consumption from 2006 to 64 million tons, increased to 20 million in 2004 to 2.4 million tons. However, in the past two years, by the real estate, infrastructure investment growth decline in the impact of aluminum foil in the heat transfer, construction, electricity, electronics and other traditional consumption areas of decline in consumption or growth is inhibited, compared with the past, production and consumption increased The speed has declined. Although aluminum foil exports continue to grow, but also facing the EU, India, the United States anti-dumping investigation problems, further growth of exports are also facing challenges. In this new situation, the eyes inward, adjust the product structure, develop new products, develop new application market, expand domestic demand to become more urgent issue of aluminum foil industry. In the new economic normal, I believe that this selection will also be for the aluminum foil as the carrier of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" cause cheer, bring some vitality, encourage and guide the relevant enterprises and professionals to develop new products, open up new markets , To achieve innovation-driven development, build a new engine of industrial development, the formation of new impetus. Can become a guide to the development of the market vane, as the industry chain extension and value chain to enhance the accelerator!


2017 "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award" award-winning units include: Ningbo Times Aluminum Foil Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan new dimension Packing Co., Ltd., Qingdao Weile daily necessities Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Group Music Packing Co., Ltd., Shanghai love state new packaging materials Co., Ltd. , Jiaxing Jinxin Aluminum Container Co., Ltd., Kunshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Luoyang Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yunnan Hao Xin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., the United States Packing Co., Ltd., Yantai East China Sea Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hanlin Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Daya Aluminum Co., Ltd. and so on.


About aluminum foil:


Aluminum foil has a wide range of excellent characteristics, such as packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, transportation, construction and daily necessities, and so on. It has a wide range of applications. Such as the packaging industry food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, tobacco packaging, beer standard, cosmetic packaging, home foil; in the field of heat transfer home air conditioning, traffic vehicle heat exchange system radiator; condenser; evaporator; Heaters; power and electronics industry, power capacitors, electrolytic capacitors; construction industry, insulation and decorative products.


According to the thickness, aluminum foil products can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil, double zero foil three categories.


Aluminum foil has become one of the most widely used and sustainable materials, according to information provided by the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Initiative. By improving resource efficiency, aluminum foil is better able to promote sustainable consumption and production. Aluminum foil as a versatile, viable and reliable, sustainable development of high-quality materials, is the whole society to create a better future to provide more solutions


Versatile: Aluminum foil has many excellent features, such as good barrier and light characteristics, so its application is quite unique. In the face of changing and challenging needs, the application of aluminum foil has brought the perfect functional effect.


Responsibility: Aluminum foil industry to fulfill social responsibility, practice a good manufacturing methods, and continuously reduce the production process and the impact of the product on the environment, aluminum foil industry is constantly full of vitality and vitality reasons.


Sustainable development: By improving resource efficiency, you can achieve a double return on investment because it not only saves today's resources, but also creates conditions for future generations. For a long time, the aluminum foil industry has always insisted on the road of innovation, in its industry chain continue to uphold the concept of light and energy.


At present, in the face of some skeptics and paradoxical material evaluation standards, the aluminum foil industry in particular need to emphasize that aluminum foil is an efficient packaging material, with light weight, strong barrier, easy processing, thermal stability, and diverse Heating, decorative good, clean, recyclable and other excellent performance. Aluminum foil packaging can prevent food and beverage and other items of damage and waste. In addition, due to the lightweight and good formability, aluminum foil packaging can improve the efficiency of transport, storage and distribution process, therefore, help to save energy needed in the industrial chain process.


Aluminum foil to the form of polymorphic, on our side, has been integrated into our lives, to facilitate and enrich our lives, care for our future!

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