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Strong Barrier Of Aluminum Foil Packaging
Sep 19, 2017

Aluminum foil packaging in food and medicine and other packaging applications are also very wide, aluminum foil packaging and plastic film composite, effective use of high-temperature cooking and complete shading characteristics. In recent years, the application of aluminum foil packaging has been expanding, in addition to drug packaging, food packaging, health care products, such as packaging has been applied. Aluminum foil packaging has the following nine characteristics:

(a) easy to process, aluminum foil packaging can be printed, color, embossing, surface coating, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper glue on the paint and other treatment methods.

(ii) with a metallic luster, good light resistance to heat and light has a higher reflective ability, metal luster and reflective ability to improve the brightness of the color.

(iii) Can not be affected by the force, no sealing, there are pinhole and wrinkle and other phenomena, so generally not used alone. Usually with paper, plastic film processing into composite materials, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper not only to overcome the shortcomings of the seal, the isolation of the advantages of the full play.

(d) compared with paper and plastic, aluminum foil packaging has the characteristics of thin, crisp and wrinkle-prone.

(v) Good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes.

(vi) aluminum foil packaging strong barrier, poor absorption, pressure so that the printing plate and aluminum foil packaging surface with the largest area of contact and forced ink adhesion. Require ink adhesion is strong, drying speed, fast.

(vii) Aluminum foil packaging surface can be coated into a variety of colors such as gold foil display in front of consumers, such a form of packaging so that people feel noble gorgeous, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper can play a good publicity role.

(eight) The isolation is good, the protection is strong, does not penetrate the gas and the water vapor, may prevent the eye drops the bottle the material to absorb the tidal, the gasification, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper is not easy to be affected by the bacterium and the insect.

(ix) The printing process of aluminum foil packaging requires a larger print pressure. Ink in general need to add driers in order to improve drying speed, selected ink on the machine must first play samples, detection of its hue, dryness, etc. meet the requirements.

Aluminum foil packaging has excellent characteristics, its texture soft, ductile good, and the embodiment of silver luster Bright eyes, suction human eye. And in the packaging bag coated with a layer of aluminum foil packaging bags or pure aluminum packaging bag has been widely favored by the major packaging customers. Aluminum foil packaging mostly used 3 or 4 layers of material, and then through the vacuum high-temperature cooking packaging, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper this type of packaging is mostly in meat, food products used, such as duck claw aluminum foil packaging, pickled mustard foil packaging bags, so what are the advantages of aluminum foil packaging?

1, aluminum foil packaging with strong barrier, oxidation, waterproof, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper moisture-proof characteristics. Tissue bags need oxygen, water breeding bacteria, improve product shelf life.

2, aluminum foil packaging of food non-toxic tasteless, high security, packaging food has a great advantage, so that people more assured of consumption.

3, aluminum foil packaging with high temperature, low temperature, oil and other characteristics, will not with the impact of the weather and the food in the bag deterioration, therefore, all year round can use aluminum foil packaging to pack our seasonal food.

4, aluminum foil packaging material combination, with resistance to pressure, puncture, tearing and other advantages, aluminum foil packaging bag has a good softness, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper can be very good to prevent transport, sales process of food collision problems.

Because there are so many advantages, aluminum foil packaging will become more and more popular, packaging more and more comprehensive areas, and the use of aluminum foil packaging products are increasingly popular.

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