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Rounding Out The Seven Air-conditioning Aluminium Foil
May 10, 2017

Today between 0.09 and 0.15 mm thickness. In order to improve the service life of air conditioning, reduce power consumption, improve quality of ventilation and cooling effect, and the functions of hot strip. According to its processing technology, the performance characteristics of the main air conditioning aluminum foil can be divided into seven categories: the coating aluminum foil, coating aluminum foil, corrosion resistant aluminum foil, hydrophilic aluminum foil, self lubrication aluminum foil, mouldproof, aluminum foil, hydrophobic aluminum foil. Today is to introduce the aluminum foil
1, the coating of aluminum foil
The coating is to point to the rolling, annealing, aluminum foil surface without any treatment. 10 years ago in China and abroad about 15 years ago for air conditioning heat transfer piece of aluminum foil are coating aluminum foil. Even in the present, the heat transfer in the developed countries use about 50% of the still is coating aluminum foil, and in our country, this ratio is about 60%.
2, coating aluminum foil
So-called coating aluminum foil is for the coating on aluminum foil surface processing, make it has a special function. In the rapid development of technology of countries such as Japan, Germany, the use of coating has a history of more than 15 years. But in our country, using coating of aluminum foil time not more than 10 years.
3, corrosion resistant aluminum foil
The surface of the corrosion resistance of aluminum foil products has certain corrosion protective layer, made of air conditioning heat exchange the product can be applied to relatively poor areas, and can obviously improve the service life of air conditioning. At the same time due to the improvement of corrosion resistance of heat transfer piece, greatly reduce the generation of surface corrosion powder, thus improving the quality of ventilation and purifying the air conditioning indoor air.
4, the hydrophilic aluminum foil
With strong hydrophilic hydrophilic aluminum foil surface. The stand or fall of hydrophilic can stick to the aluminum foil surface by water after the size of the Angle which is formed by the decision. The smaller the Angle is a hydrophilic, the better, the hydrophilic conversely the worse. In general, a Angle is less than 35. Which belong to the hydrophilic. It usually takes the hydrophilic aluminum foil on the air conditioner condenser. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air condenses into water droplets on heat transfer piece is easy to spread and run down the sheet. So that you can avoid because of the heat transfer piece of "bridge" between water drops and affect the ventilation effect of heat exchanger, so as to improve the heat transfer rate of air conditioning, under the condition of same refrigerating capacity can also save power. At present, the common hydrophilic aluminum foil on the market in addition to the surface has good hydrophilicity, also has high corrosion resistance, so that the performance of the air conditioning is more optimized.
5, hydrophobic aluminum foil
Hydrophobic aluminum foil and aluminum foil, water repellency its surface properties and hydrophilic aluminum foil is just the opposite. The condensed water condensation to the aluminum foil with aluminum foil into the surface of the contact Angle is larger, general in 75. The above. The greater the Angle can water repellency, the better. The ultimate goal of using hydrophobic aluminum foil and hydrophilic aluminum foil is the same, that is not let the condensed water remaining in the heat exchange between. The difference is that hydrophobic aluminum foil is condensed water and heat exchange is increased by the contact Angle, make the condensed water and to remove the water drops form is easy to slide so the heat exchange between the purpose of the condensate.
6, self lubrication aluminum foil
Air conditioning in hot strip processing production process generally need to add the lubricating oil on its surface, and then punching, flanging, final reoccupy trichloroethylene washed away lubricating oil. As trichloroethylene harmful to human body, so in order to reduce the process, the corresponding creates a self lubrication aluminum foil. Self lubrication aluminum foil as the name implies, is in the coining process doesn't need to add lubricating oil alone, when the coining of lubrication by pretreating the surface of the aluminum foil membrane. Because do not need special lubricating, thus eliminating the subsequent trichloroethylene cleaning and drying process.
7, mouldproof aluminum foil
Mouldproof aluminum foil is mainly used for the indoor machine part of the air conditioning, its main function is to prevent heat transfer piece by using surface mould or place for a long time, so as to significantly improve the quality of air conditioning and ventilation, prevent to produce abnormal smell, effectively improve the air conditioning indoor environment.

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