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Ordinary Aluminum Foil Packs Block Air
Jun 05, 2017

Into the 21st century, the market competition and product homogenization of the trend, stimulating the rapid development of product packaging. The development of ordinary aluminum foil packaging is basically synchronized with the development of the whole industry. At present, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper China has become second only to the United States, the world's second largest consumer aluminum foil, but per capita also belong to less developed countries, especially the use of aluminum foil packaging is still limited, has a broad space development.

"2014-2018 China Aluminum foil packaging industry depth research and forecast report" shows that from the aluminum foil market structure, compared with Europe, China in the flexible packaging, household, container share is low. At present, China is in the period of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper and the development of low-carbon economy will maintain strong demand for high-performance aluminum foil.

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging has a variety of classification, different aluminum foil also has a different role. Aluminum foil according to the surface state can be divided into one side of the aluminum foil and aluminum foil on both sides. (1) side of the aluminum foil: double-rolled aluminum foil, after the volume side of the light, - hair Ukraine, this aluminum foil called a side of the aluminum foil. The thickness of an aluminum foil is usually not more than 0.025mm. (2) two-sided aluminum foil: single rolling aluminum foil, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper two and roll contact, aluminum foil on both sides of the roll surface roughness is divided into two mirror-shaped aluminum foil and ordinary two-sided aluminum foil. The thickness of the two-sided aluminum foil is generally not less than 0.01mm.

The longer the tea leaves the more fragrant, so in the choice of bags, should be sealed, and can completely seal the fragrance of tea does not leak. So tea packaging generally choose plastic PET / VMPET / PE, why use VMPET (aluminum), this is because the tea itself has a fragrance, so ordinary aluminum foil packaging must have aluminum and plastic composite, aluminum barrier is very good, blocking the smell, blocking air.

 In addition, aluminum moisture and moisture resistance is good, the general tea can not contact with the air moisture, once the contact, it will be humid deterioration, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper then the tea before the effort has come to naught. Therefore, the tea generally choose PET / VMPET (aluminum) / ordinary aluminum foil packaging.

Global demand for aluminum has risen steadily. According to the latest report, 2016 - 2020 global aluminum foil packaging market compound annual growth rate of 3.69%.

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging from aluminum continuous casting and cold rolling production, can be used to wrap any product. Aluminum foil has become a major obstacle to blocking external media (bacteria, oxygen, moisture and ultraviolet light) and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging process: aluminum foil unwinding → gravure printing → drying → coating layer → drying → coating layer → drying → aluminum foil winding. Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper Throughout the production process, the surface quality of the gravure printed text pattern and the heat seal strength to be achieved with the adhesive layer, the adhesion of the protective layer and the temperature and the temperature of the coating machine, the tension control, Need to be strictly grasped. Therefore, in the "pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil" national standard on the surface quality of printed aluminum foil printed text has a clear demand for the protective layer, the performance of the adhesive layer are also physical and chemical indicators, so as to protect the medicinal PTP aluminum foil has a good barrier , Health safety, heat sealing and good physical and mechanical properties. To PTP aluminum foil printing coating production process to achieve the above requirements of the performance.

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