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Ordinary Aluminum Foil Packaging To Improve Product Shelf Life
Aug 29, 2017

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging in ordinary life use is very common, ordinary aluminum foil packaging has excellent oxygen insulation, water insulation function, so in the ordinary use of aluminum foil packaging has also brought great convenience, especially in the food packaging. Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper Ordinary aluminum foil packaging generally divided into three layers of ordinary aluminum foil packaging and four layers of ordinary aluminum foil packaging, mainly by environmentally friendly pet materials (polyethylene terephthalate) composition.

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging thickness is generally between 8-18 silk, water vapor through the volume of small 0.006g/m·24h (40℃·90%RH), oxygen transmittance is less than 0.024ml/(m·24h. · 0.1mPa), full display of ordinary aluminum foil packaging of oxygen and water insulation function. The composite strength and edge strength of the ordinary aluminum foil packaging for pet materials are very good, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper and the puncture strength of the ordinary aluminum foil packaging can reach 25 lbs.

Ordinary aluminum foil packaging mostly used 3 or 4 layers of material, and then through the vacuum high-temperature cooking packaging, this type of packaging is mostly in meat, food products used, such as duck claw ordinary aluminum foil packaging, pickled mustard foil packaging bags, so what are the advantages of ordinary aluminum foil packaging?

1, ordinary aluminum foil packaging with strong barrier, oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof characteristics. Tissue bags need oxygen, water breeding bacteria, improve product shelf life.

2, ordinary aluminum foil packaging food non-toxic tasteless, high security, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper packaging food has a great advantage, so that people more assured of consumption.

3, ordinary aluminum foil packaging with high temperature resistance, low temperature, oil and other characteristics, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper will not with the impact of the weather and make bags of food spoilage, so that all year round can use ordinary aluminum foil packaging to pack our seasonal food.

4, ordinary aluminum foil packaging material combination, with resistance to pressure, puncture, tearing and other advantages, has a good bag of aluminum foil flexibility, can be very good to prevent transport, sales process of food collision problems.

It is because there are so many advantages, ordinary aluminum foil packaging will become more and more popular, Generic Aluminum Foil Wrapper packaging the field more and more comprehensive, And the use of ordinary aluminum foil packaging products are increasingly popular。

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