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In The First Half Of This Year, Sales Of Aluminum Foil Products In South Korea Increased
Sep 06, 2017
According to the Korea Nonferrous Metals Association statistics, from January to June, South Korea's aluminum foil production enterprises sold a total of 48,500 tons, an increase of 4.7%, of which domestic sales of 28,800 tons, an increase of 6.3%, exports 19,600 tons, 2.6%.

The data from the Korean Nonferrous Metals Association based on Dongyuan SYSTEMS, East Aluminum, Lotte Aluminum, Sanya Aluminum, South Korea's aluminum and other major manufacturers of aluminum foil from the statistics. It is reported that the above enterprises over the same period the total purchase of aluminum sheet material reached 49,500 tons, an increase of 1.8%, of which imports 10,900 tons, an increase of 17.3%, local procurement of 38,600 tons, down 1.8%.

It is worth mentioning that, from January to June this year, different types of aluminum foil products are showing a good momentum of sales. From the use of point of view, food and drug use of aluminum foil in South Korea's domestic sales of 14,000 tons, an increase of 0.1% in Korea, the largest domestic sales accounted for the largest.

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