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How To Control The Thickness Of Aluminum Foil?
Mar 09, 2017

Thickness deviation is difficult to control the aluminum box is a feature of rolling, 3% of the thickness of the strip is difficult to control when the production, but in the production of aluminum foil is more difficult to control.

With the thickness of the aluminum box, the micro-conditions can be affected, such as temperature, oil film, oil and gas concentration. Aluminum foil rolling a volume of up to several hundred thousand meters, rolling time up to 10h or so, with time to extend the thickness of the error is easy to form.

While the aluminum foil thickness adjustment means only tension and speed.

These factors have caused the aluminum foil rolling thickening difficulties.

Therefore, the true control of aluminum box thickness difference of less than 3%, need to use many conditions to ensure: the use of qualified thickness of the aluminum foil blank; rolling adjustment, control the amount of reduction and roll, and roll according to the provisions of the parameters of grinding ; Stable rolling process; rolling process to measure the thickness of aluminum box, so as to avoid the side of the system failure is not found when the fault.

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