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Good Stability Of Aluminum Foil Package Shape
Sep 07, 2017

Aluminum foil packaging In the ordinary life is very common, aluminum foil packaging with excellent insulation, water insulation function, so in the use of aluminum foil bag also brought great convenience, especially on the food packaging. Aluminum foil bags are generally divided into three layers of aluminum foil bags and four layers of aluminum foil bags, mainly by environmentally friendly pet materials (polyethylene terephthalate) composition.

The characteristics of aluminum foil packaging are: metal luster, good light resistance, high reflectivity to heat and light, metal luster and reflective ability can improve the brightness of printing color, good isolation, strong protection, not through gas and water vapor, prevent the internal loading of moisture, gasification, nAluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper ot susceptible to bacteria and insects; good shape stability, Unaffected by changes in humidity. Easy to process, aluminum foil packaging can be printed, color, embossing, surface coating, glue on paint, etc., can not be affected by force, no sealing, there are pinhole and wrinkle and other phenomena, so in general, not alone, usually with paper, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper plastic film processing into composite materials, to overcome the shortcomings of the seal, the isolation of the advantages of the full play.

Aluminum foil packaging is a high-grade packaging materials, can replace the large area of anodized bronzing, hot silver, printing products magnificent, not only improve the grade of packaged goods, and improve the display value of packaging products, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper widely used in high-end goods trademarks and packaging. Aluminum foil packaging in the field of food and medicine packaging applications are also very broad, aluminum foil packaging and plastic film compound, effective use of high-temperature cooking and complete shading characteristics, into a cooking bag, can be packaged cooked food, multi-layer composite film is also used in biscuits, snacks, beverages and other small food packaging.

In recent years, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper the application of aluminum foil packaging has been expanding, in addition to drug packaging, food packaging, health care products, such as packaging has been used to promote the Chinese aluminum foil packaging printing technology to improve, and now reach the aluminum foil packaging reverse front Both sides can be printed. Not only can print a color product, but also can be printed into colorful text patterns of multi-color varieties, aluminum foil packaging surface by coating into a variety of colors such as gold foil display in front of consumers, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper such a form of packaging so that people feel noble gorgeous, fondle admiringly, played a good publicity, protect the role of products.

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