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Global Aluminum Foil Market Growth
Jun 20, 2017

Global aluminum foil market growth

On February 9th, the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Initiative (GLAFRI) held a network conference. At the meeting, the global aluminum foil market and the 2016 global aluminum foil industry were reported. The 2016 work was summarized, discussed and passed the 2017 GLAFRI activities and communication program.


According to research firm CRU information, 2016 global consumption of aluminum foil more than 5.26 million tons, to maintain moderate growth, but an increase of more than 2015. Among them, the Chinese market accounted for 51% of the global consumption. Overall, the consumption of aluminum foil in the global regional markets have increased, but the increase is not large. China, Southeast Asia, South America, especially Brazil and other regions of the market growth is slightly higher. It is expected that the global aluminum foil market in 2017 will remain in this trend, the growth of the packaging sector is the most promising. However, there may be new trade protection measures in 2017, which could affect the global trade pattern.


According to a global aluminum foil manufacturer's initiative (GLAFRI), an aluminum foil producer surveyed, in 2016, 50% of the aluminum foil production increased, 37% of the enterprise production was flat, 13% of the enterprise production decline. In the survey on the market outlook for 2017, the confidence index of the manufacturing enterprises was stronger than 2016, more optimistic.


61 GLAFRI members from 28 countries around the world agreed that GLAFRI will continue to serve as a platform for global transmission of aluminum foil! To promote the global customers and related parties aluminum foil material, making it an important choice. Expanding aluminum foil applications and driving market growth in all countries and globally! Member units will be able to share the growth of the aluminum foil market to bring the dividend. In 2017, GLAFRI will start the aluminum foil production technology inventor inventor RobertVNeher named aluminum foil youth science and technology award selection activities, promote the "Global Aluminum Foil Innovation Award" in various regions, the implementation of aluminum foil in the field of technology applications to promote the project, continue to use multi-level platform And industry activities to carry out aluminum foil information dissemination work to show the aluminum foil in resource conservation, food protection, environmental protection and other aspects of the unique advantages and role. At the same time, GLAFRI will also become a member of the Global Aluminum Governance Program (ASI) in response to the Global Aluminum Industry Chain's sustainability plan to promote corporate social responsibility.


Stefan Glimm, Director General of Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers' Initiative, said that GLAFRI, as an international organization across the region, has received a positive response from global aluminum foil producers. At present, 61 member companies have exceeded 50% the above. The success of the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Conference in Shanghai in 2016 accelerated the process of internationalization of the organization. GLAFRI member companies through information sharing, experience sharing and concerted action, has been in the global promotion of aluminum foil to make a certain contribution, to achieve some success. He hopes that more aluminum foil manufacturers can join the organization, so that it can represent more enterprises, but also make more aluminum foil enterprises to share the benefits of win-win cooperation.


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