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Dust And More Health, The Romanian Beer Giant Beer Cans Sealed Aluminum Foil
Jun 20, 2017

In order to prevent the beer cans from being influenced by external factors, the Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB), one of the four giants of the Romanian Brewery, spent € 2 million on the technology of EcoCap's in Italy, which will be launched in June this year. Plus canned beer with aluminum foil.

The introduction of protective aluminum foil was due to a study conducted by URBB in 2016. At that time, a Romanian company focused on the food industry research firm ICA R & D URBB requested the completion of the laboratory tests show that 11% of the beer cans tested is not hygienic.

URBB made this innovation debut at the activities of its Fortune Brewery in Pantelimon. The choice to use its flagship product Le Brewery to show the advantages of using protective aluminum foil, but also out of the highly competitive in the Romanian beer market to improve brand awareness considerations. 100% recyclable aluminum foil for all URBB beer brand products, namely Carlsberg, Le Fort, Alcohol Le Fort, Holsten, SKOL and SKOL Nepasteurizat.

URBB president Shachar Shaine said that the positive actions of TuborgRomania originated from the company's overall quality concerns. "We want to provide the best products and consumer experience for Romanian consumers, who will protect the canned beer from the filling line to the consumer's hands, so that it will be protected from external factors."

It is reported that, in order to apply this new technology, the investment costs in the URBB 2017 budget accounted for a large proportion, and the latest technology and the company's concern about beer consumption, will undoubtedly to the Romanian people Proved that the quality of Fort Fort worth the consumer trust.

EcoCap's, based in Bologna, Italy, offers the required production equipment to the Lobo factory, which applies protective aluminum foil to the top cover by automatic heating without the use of adhesives. Environmentally friendly aluminum foil actually acts as a barrier to bacteria and dust.

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