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Confectionery Foil Packaging Business Rescued By Former Employee
Apr 19, 2017

Novelis UK has sold its printed confectionery foil packaging business to Discovery Foils Ltd, after plans were discussed to shut the business down.

The Bridgnorth-based business, until recently owned by Novelis UK, produces multi-coloured printed foil for confectionery packaging for numerous international companies.

The employees and assets have been transferred to Discovery Foils Ltd with immediate effect.

Steve Westwood, managing director of Discovery Foils Ltd and former plant manager at Novelis UK, said: “We are delighted that a viable, sustainable solution for the confectionery business at Bridgnorth has been found, and that over 100 jobs have been safeguarded as a result.”

“Much of the groundwork for this solution was carried out during the consultation process following Novelis’ proposals to cease all operations at Bridgnorth.”

Keeping 105 employees will mean that essential skills are retained, along with the levels of quality and customer service already established.


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