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Aluminum Foil Packaging With Antioxidant Function
Jul 03, 2017

Aluminum foil packaging material made by the PE / AL / PE / CPP made of each other, PE printing effect is good, AL barrier performance, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner, CPP high temperature cooking inner use. The use of aluminum foil on the material purity requirements are very high, must reach 99.99%, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper almost no impurities, but the use of aluminum foil because of the existence of small pores, rarely used alone, with plastic film bonded together.


Aluminum foil packaging for food, cosmetic, machinery, electronics, lubricants and other industries, aluminum foil made of food bags have the following advantages:

1, high temperature (up to 121 degrees), low temperature (minus 50 degrees), Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper some used for high temperature cooking food bags can use the material

2, good oil resistance and fragrance performance is particularly outstanding

3, excellent barrier performance, blocking air performance, antioxidant, waterproof, moisture

4, good heat sealing performance, high softness

5, made of aluminum foil made of food packaging bags to food non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety in line with national health standards

Aluminum foil material thickness is generally between 70-180 microns, according to different uses, the size of the packaging products made into a different process, aluminum foil food packaging as long as the process of three side sealed bags, free bags, zipper bags, Bags, yin and yang bags and other different processes

The main form of aluminum foil packaging 1. Aluminum-plastic composite packaging In modern packaging, almost all requirements of opaque or high barrier composite materials, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper are used aluminum foil packaging products to do the barrier, the largest amount, the most widely used when the aluminum Plastic composite packaging. In the aluminum-plastic packaging materials, the following development trend of aluminum-plastic composite packaging packaging industry was optimistic about the Chinese aluminum foil composite materials trading network Xiaobian said. ① aluminum-plastic composite tank. It is made of aluminum foil and plastic film and kraft paperboard. Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper It is made of non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. It can be recycled and used. It is a tinplate cans which are used in the market. Cans and other liquid packaging containers, especially for frozen food, simply food packaging and dressing oil, the market use considerable. ② aluminum composite film. It is made of aluminum foil and high strength, heat-sealable plastic film. It has the advantages of barrier, mechanical and heat sealing. It is a kind of excellent aluminum-plastic composite software packaging material with great potential. It is widely used in food and chemical And the packaging of military supplies. ③ aluminum composite hose. Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper After the aluminum foil and plastic or resin composite, and then made by the pipe system made of tubular semi-rigid packaging products, mainly for paste, exposed products such as packaging, such as: toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics and other daily chemical products packaging containers The Aluminum-plastic composite hose with good isolation, easy to break, clean and beautiful and so on. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, more than 90% of the toothpaste with aluminum-plastic composite hose packaging, and the current use of this packaging ratio is less than 5%. China's annual aluminum-plastic composite hose consumption of about 5,000 tons of aluminum foil, with the development of this emerging market, aluminum foil in this area of consumption will be rapid development.

2. Aluminized

Aluminized film since the 1960s began to apply to the packaging industry, 80 years in North America, Europe has been rapid development. China has introduced aluminum packaging since the early 90s of the last century, but it has not been able to develop rapidly in recent years. The development of aluminum in China's packaging industry is divided into three stages: the first stage is mainly aluminum plating stickers; Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper Stage is as product packaging and flexible packaging; the third stage is as cigarette liner paper. Aluminum is used in flexible packaging is mainly to replace the plastic and paper, which increases the isolation of the packaging products and visual impact, while a part of the aluminum foil packaging is replaced by aluminum. Aluminum foil paper name gold and silver paper, is developed in recent years, a high-level aluminum packaging materials. This paper color bright, strong sense of metal, printed goods elegant and beautiful, for the beautification of goods played a icing on the cake, and now has been widely used in printing a variety of trademarks and food, especially tobacco and alcohol packaging. Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper The paper to protect the goods, beautify the goods, increase the competitiveness of goods in the market, played a great role in promoting. With the development of aluminum production, especially the multi-layer composite technology is mature, aluminum material on the aluminum foil packaging will have a greater impact.

Different products of the packaging of aluminum foil packaging also put forward new requirements. For example, some products require UV protection at the same time, but also hope that some special gas can enter the packaging, selective through the membrane has become a need to develop new technologies. Foreign companies have developed a new aluminum foil packaging technology, such as through aluminum foil packaging, antifreeze packaging, anti-condensation packaging.

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