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Aluminum Foil Packaging Prevents The Food From Being Oxidized
Jun 05, 2017

Aluminum foil packaging material made by the PE / AL / PE / CPP made of each other, PE printing effect is good, AL barrier performance, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high temperature cooking inner use. The use of aluminum foil on the material purity requirements are very high, must reach 99.99%, almost no impurities, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper but the use of aluminum foil because of the existence of small pores, rarely used alone, with plastic film bonded together.

The use of aluminum foil packaging for food, cosmetic, machinery, electronics, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper lubricants and other industries, aluminum foil made of food bags have the following advantages:

1, high temperature (up to 121 degrees), low temperature (minus 50 degrees), some used for high temperature cooking food packaging bags can use the material

2, good oil resistance and fragrance performance is particularly outstanding

3, excellent barrier properties, blocking air performance, antioxidant, waterproof, moisture

4, good heat sealing performance, high softness

5, made of aluminum foil made of food packaging bags to food non-toxic and tasteless, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper health and safety in line with national health standards

Aluminum foil packaging material thickness is generally between 70-180 microns, according to different uses, the size of the packaging products produced into a different process, aluminum foil food packaging as long as the process of three side sealed bags, self-reliance bags, zipper bags, Zipper bags, yin and yang bags and other different processes

The aluminum used in the production of food bags is usually used in combination with other materials. As for why this is used, there are two main reasons:

First, the composite process requires the composite substrate must be sheet form, and metal aluminum is due to its low hardness and has good ductility, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper can be easily processed into sheet sheet. Commonly used aluminum foil thickness of 0.005 mm ~ 0.009mm.

Second, the nature of aluminum is very lively, it is easy to oxidize the oxygen in the air, the formation of a layer of dense metal oxide oxide protective film, Al2O3 in the air environment is extremely stable nature, can prevent the oxygen to continue to oxidize the metal aluminum. Of course, made of aluminum foil bags using this layer of dense protective film can be a good isolation from the outside air into the bag inside, Aluminum Foil Wrapper without Paper play to prevent the oxidation of food is the role of deterioration.

Aluminum foil packaging material: PET / NY / AL / PE (general packaging), PET / NY / AL / CPP (high temperature cooking)

Thickness: 70 to 180 microns

Bag shape: three side seal, self-reliance zipper bag, yin and yang bag

Features: PET-good printing effect, NY-low oxygen permeability, PE-ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP-high temperature cooking inner layer AL -...

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