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Aluminum Foil Life Small Coup
May 10, 2017

Aluminum foil life small coup


The foil is home cabinet standing supplies, low price, easy to use, with the use of disposable free cleaning and high temperature resistance, insulation and other benefits. Still, it is a great, aluminum foil paper that can stand up to us "!

First of all, we first look at the first heavy exploitation of aluminum foil paper:


1 anti greasy, cleaning

First of all, we will break out of aluminum foil with a beautiful view of the tile in the tray, then put on more greasy dishes (such as grilled or fried tempura etc.), meal, as long as the foil removed, so cleaning is easier to complete. In the same way, it can be spread on the board to cut the greasy food, so as not to stick with oil hard wash. Or before cooking, the foil attached to the gas stove in front of the wall, so as to avoid the difficult to remove grease spray.


2 package of carbon, add flavor

Of course, can also be wrapped in aluminum foil ingredients such as Butter Crab, barbecue, fried clams, fresh and sweet flavor of the ingredients can be locked!

Aluminum foil paper generally smooth and matte. Fog is easy to absorb heat, so it should be the fog toward the light and heat, will play an effect.

Therefore, the barbecue, aluminium foil bright surface, fog wrapped food face charcoal, grilled meat easily.

Urban legend with foil barbecue can cause cancer, but there is no report regarding to aluminum, aluminum foil coated barbecue food heating will produce toxic substances. But based on security considerations, the proposed consumer, if the use of aluminum foil paper wrapped in a barbecue, do not drip into the aluminum foil paper, such as citric acid, because the aluminum foil paper is a metal, when the metal and acid mixed together, chemical changes occur, prone to harmful substances in the body.


3 can quickly help frozen

Bought from the market of meat or seafood can be fresh with plastic wrap, then wrapped in a layer of aluminum foil into the freezer, so you can make the food more rapid freezing, to maintain the freshness of food!


All kinds of magical foil, let the busy modern people do housework with. Moreover, the use of aluminum foil paper, do not throw away! Let us make the two exploitation of them!


1 we can use the aluminum foil paper to knead into a small group, into the sink into the sink. Aluminum foil paper washed by water will collide with drainage holes, produce metal ions, the drainage hole is not easy to adhere to the kitchen greasy, and deodorizing function.


2 knead small group of aluminum foil will have many edges and corners, like sandpaper to produce scraping action.

This can be used to scrape potato, burdock, ginger and other fruit, do not worry about cutting off too much, and the details of the site is easy to be cut, the safety peeler.


3 also can replace the abrasive cloth used to enclose the pot bottom in addition to scorch. However, if the use of stainless steel pot, it is to avoid using this method, easy to scratch.


4 blunt the scissors as long as folded into two or three thick aluminum foil cut, can easily make the scissors to restore glory. Similarly, folded aluminum foil can also use a few overlap, and then slowly cut off as a kitchen knife, grindstone!


5 it is a cold day, the drainage pipe is easy to freeze water. At this time, the use of aluminum foil paper will be wrapped well, it is said that this can be isolated from the air.

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