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Aluminum Foil Industry Because Of Environmental Protection
May 10, 2017

Aluminum foil industry because of environmental protection


According to the European aluminum foil Association (EAFA) released data show that the first 9 months of the total output of aluminum foil dropped by nearly 4%, to tons. The use of thin aluminum foil for flexible packaging and household foil has declined by 7%, while the use of thick aluminum foil has dropped by 1%. EAFA region outside the export growth of nearly 5%.


Glimm Stefan, executive director of the European aluminum foil Association, remains cautious in 2011: "especially in the third quarter, we can see that we have a more cautious approach to the whole industry chain".


He said: "the aluminum foil with a bright future, because as a recycling of packaging materials, aluminum foil has irreplaceable advantages. With its excellent barrier properties, it plays a vital role in the preservation of food ".

Aluminum foil can also be used in the manufacture of automobile and heat exchange components, as well as the insulation material and many industrial applications.

China aluminum foil industry development space is huge


In our country aluminum foil consumption, air conditioning with the largest proportion of aluminum foil, 48% for air conditioning and other heat transfer products, in addition to 17% applications in the field of packaging, 16% applied in the electronics industry, other application areas including construction, decoration, etc..


At present, China's per capita consumption of aluminum foil is significantly lower than in Europe and the United States developed countries. According to the European aluminum foil Association (EAFA) 2007 data show that China's per capita annual consumption of aluminum foil is only 0.6 kg, far lower than the EU's 1.7 kg and 2.4 kg in the United States, the average per capita consumption of aluminum foil is China's 3.4 times, so the development of China's aluminum foil industry is very bright.


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