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What is the role of aluminum foil tape in the duct?
Nov 13, 2017

What is the role of aluminum foil tape in the duct?


The use of special sealant, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, heat-sensitive adhesive tape to connect the seal, according to the size of the duct section, the size of the wind pressure and then use the appropriate reinforcement (including the use of special anti-corrosion adhesive, Measures. With muffler, insulation, fire, moisture, air leakage is small, light material, easy construction, saving installation space, long service life characteristics.


Inorganic glass steel duct: the newer duct type, the use of aluminum foil tape, glass fiber reinforced inorganic materials, fire is not burning, corrosion resistance, heavy weight, hardness, but more brittle, by the impact of deformation easily deformed, Muffler performance, production installation cycle is long.


Aluminum foil tape with high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, strong adhesion, anti-aging effect! Insulation performance greatly improved. Aluminum foil tape with all the aluminum foil composite material paste paste, insulation nail puncture at the seal and damage repair. Is the refrigerator, freezer production plant of the main raw and auxiliary materials, but also insulation materials distribution sector must purchase raw materials. Aluminum foil tape is widely used in refrigerators, air withered, cars, petrochemical, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries.


Aluminum foil tape for a variety of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LED monitors, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products within the electromagnetic shielding of the place.


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