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What are the packaging labels for aluminum foil?
Mar 09, 2017

Acceptance of qualified aluminum foil roll should be labeled, including the technical supervision department of the supplier inspection, alloy grades, specifications, status, batch number, volume and so on.

Each batch of aluminum foil should meet the technical standards or agreement requirements of the quality certificate, including the batch number, alloy grades, specifications, status, weight, contract requirements of the inspection report, technical standards or agreement number, production date.

Each box or per roll (metal frame) aluminum foil should be packing list, including batch number, alloy grades, specifications, status, weight, volume, contract number, technical standards, production date.

Each box (roll) outside, in a prominent position should have transport box, label or spray word, box can be used veneer, cardboard, stickers and other materials, box to nail or paste solid, box content Including the transport number, arrival, the receiving unit, the implementation of standards, batch number, size, status, alloy grades, boxes on the 1st, net weight, hair station, packaging date.

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