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What are the measures to prevent wrinkling and wrinkling of aluminum foil?
Mar 09, 2017

Wrinkle: aluminum foil roll surface can not flatten the vertical or horizontal wrinkles become wrinkled.

Due to serious bad plate shape, in the aluminum foil coiled or unfolded when the formation of wrinkles, the essence of tension is not enough to draw the box surface.

For a device with a tension of 20 MPa, the shape of the box shall not be greater than 301, and when it is greater than 301, it must be wrinkled.

As the aluminum box in the rolling is often subjected to greater tension than subsequent processing, some of the aluminum foil, which exhibits only poor shape during rolling, is wrinkled when used after cutting or annealing.

The main reason for wrinkling is due to improper board shape control, including improper roll grinding, irrational roll control, irrational control of rolling and slitting process parameters, improper profile and improper adjustment of plate shape Tube or die accuracy is not enough.

Wrinkles: the surface of the aluminum foil presents a small, vertical or oblique local bulge, one or several smooth furrows, called wrinkles.

The main cause of wrinkles: the amount of pressure is too large, resulting in uneven deformation of the rolling or coiling when the tension is not enough; improper roller or rolling pressure is too low; uneven thickness of the blank, bad shape or shear wave; Winding shaft accuracy is not enough, the sleeve is not round; pressure flat roller pressure control properly.

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