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What are the main factors that affect the rolling performance of aluminum foil blanks
Mar 09, 2017

Fe, Si tin is the main impurity element in 1 x x x alloy. Fe and Si are dissolved in aluminum not only increase the strength and hardness of the material, but also increase the hardening rate of the material. The higher the content of solid solution of ferrosilicon, the greater the hardening rate, the more thin the box, the solution is dissolved in aluminum

The effect of Fe and Si on rolling hardening is stronger.

Among them, the solid solution Si content of aluminum foil rolling hardening the greatest impact, it is strongly increased processing hardening rate, so that the aluminum box during the rolling resistance significantly increased. The effect of Si on the work hardening rate is mainly due to the difficulty of reducing the slip of the aluminum layer, so as to prevent the dynamic recovery; solid solution of Fe is pinning dislocation and hinder the recovery process. Through the appropriate annealing process, Si and Fe should be sufficient to precipitate, as far as possible to reduce the Si, Fe in the aluminum matrix solid solubility. Only in this way is it beneficial to rolling thinner aluminum foil. When the Si content in the material is very low, the higher Fe content will make Si fully precipitated, which may produce significant processing softening phenomenon.

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