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What are the common quality defects of aluminum foil?
Mar 09, 2017

In the process of rolling into a variety of aluminum foil semi-finished products and finished products, as well as in the foil finishing, annealing, transport, packaging and other processes in the production process, inevitably some defects. Some of these defects are caused by defects in the ingot and cast strip itself, sometimes in the form of an ingot and a casting process, which can not be found and can only be exposed during subsequent further processing; the other is in the foil Material rolling, finishing, annealing, transportation, packaging and other processes produced in the process.

Most of these defects are due to equipment failure, violation of operating procedures, improper adjustment of process parameters, unskilled operator skills and other causes. In the aluminum foil production process, resulting in many defects in the quality of aluminum foil, mainly a large number of pinholes, thickness tolerance, flatness difference, a variety of reasons such as the broken belt, to reduce these defects, to improve the quality of foil is very meaningful.

Aluminum foil is rolled in a very thin state, the thickness of the material uniformity, rolling speed, tension, rolling oil are very sensitive, in a variety of defects in the most critical is to solve the broken and pinhole, especially on High speed rolling mill is more important. The generation of the belt and the pinhole is very close to the quality of the aluminum foil blank.

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