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To prevent aluminum foil roll, roll the emergence of methods
Mar 09, 2017

Roller is the aluminum foil rolling occurs when the cyclical arrangement of the print; roll is the surface of the aluminum box appears in the transmission of the cyclical arrangement of the hole, and some all translucent, some reticular, its size is generally greater than Pinhole.

The most notable feature of these two defects is the cycle.

The main causes of these two defects are: improper roll grinding; foreign matter damage roll; incoming defect printing roll; roll fatigue; roll collision, slipping and so on. All can cause the roll surface damage factors, can be formed on the aluminum foil rolling hazards.

Because the aluminum box rolling roller surface finish is very high, slight uneven gloss will also affect the surface state.

Regular cleaning of the rolling mill to keep the mill clean, to ensure that the normal operation of the roller, regular roller, a reasonable roller grinding, aluminum foil is to ensure uniform surface after the basic conditions.

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