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The technology of improving the precision of aluminum foil overlay
Sep 14, 2017

1. First of all, the design of the plate size of the layout should be more than the accuracy of overprinting, according to the printer speed, printing pressure, color overlay and many other factors, the printing plate color network depth.

2. The establishment of the printing plate installation and cleaning of the regulatory requirements, so that loading and unloading version of the standardized operation.

3. Focus on monitoring the machine running the tension changes, and reasonable control to avoid overprinting process of the substrate pull and crack.

4. In the process of overprint to do: scraper pressure angle is correct, can reduce the printing layer and color ink pollution and scratches; appropriate adjustment of aluminum foil tension, to avoid the color is not allowed, dot loss and print mark defects; master ink viscosity and Solvent affinity, can solve the back to stick, color overlay is not strong, weak luster and other issues.

5. Enhance the responsibility of the operator, usually to strengthen the training, enhance the sense of quality, in the process of overprint to the ground sampling, ground inspection, found that overprint error, the timely adjustment.

Overprint is easy to solve problems and solutions

1. Equipment is prone to wear problems of the machine sleeve sleeve at both ends of the cone wear; traction roller imbalance; bearing damage. Solution: Replace the cone; adjust the traction roller to balance it.

2. Plate roller side easy to cover when the printing plate of the roller, left and right pressure uneven; plate roller loose. Solution: the printing plate roller pressure adjustment, so that both ends of the pressure balance; re-fasten the plate roller.

3. Process technology prone to problems: unwinding roll tension control imbalance; operation errors caused by tension disorders. Solution: technical management should be developed on the management point, monitoring the tension and discharge volume, and a record; according to the operation method for reasonable operation.

4. Plate color aspects of the problem: the layout of the color standard than the normal error range. Solution: re-plate, to achieve the standard error.

5. Raw material problems: aluminum thickness uneven, affecting the tension caused by overprint is not allowed. Solution: change foil; ink viscosity, the impact of overprint accuracy, should re-adjust the ink viscosity. 6. Subjective reasons: the operator's responsibility is poor, resulting in poor precision overprinting, should strengthen the operator's responsibility, find the problem, timely solution.


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