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The difference between aluminum foil tape and other tape
Oct 24, 2017

Aluminum foil tape with high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, strong adhesion, anti-aging, with good insulation function, therefore, commonly used in cold (hot) gas pipeline dressing, in the field of heating and heating engineering is very useful, especially water heaters, Fridge production is often used. The distinction between aluminum foil tapes and other tapes is summarized in the following three areas:


First, the aluminum foil tape substrate is a soft polymer resin plate, it is less gravure in terms of both the cost of plate-making and shorten the plate-making cycle, and because the plate manufacturing level and plate-making technology to improve the network version of the line has been able to To reach the level of 175 lines, enough to meet the general needs of packaging and printing.


Second, the aluminum foil tape using anilox roller ink, because the anilox roller is the ink transfer roller is the ink metering roller, and gravure to achieve the same short ink, and according to the process requirements for accurate ink, the current use of laser Engraved metal ceramic anilox roll has reached the level of 1600 lines, for the precise control of ink and ink layer thickness provides a favorable means.


Third, the aluminum foil tape zero pressure printing, both to reduce the mechanical vibration and wear, to reduce the wear on the plate, but also to expand the scope of printing media, in particular, is conducive to the printing of flexible materials.


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