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Talking about 8011 barbecue aluminum foil
Jun 20, 2017

Talking about 8011 barbecue aluminum foil

Modern economic development, people adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle, barbecue as a multi-person gathering a way of entertainment, barbecue we will use a kind of tin foil, popular ink called aluminum foil.


The use of aluminum foil has the following advantages:


1, aluminum foil smooth characteristics, can prevent food stick to the baking pan, easy to clean the baking pan;


2, baked with seasoning food, you can prevent spices fall;


3, can prevent moisture loss, keep the food fresh taste;


4, can make food heat evenly, to prevent scorching.


8011 aluminum foil is not only beautiful appearance, high gloss, with the advantages of cleaning, while 8011 aluminum foil can block bacteria and other microbial growth, non-toxic harmless, non-volatile, in high temperature or low temperature environment, no deformation, Sunshine, aluminum foil tension strength, but the tear strength is small, therefore, often used on the barbecue foil.

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