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Selection of aluminum foil packaging bag
May 10, 2017

Selection of aluminum foil packaging bag

At present, the aluminum foil packaging market is getting bigger and bigger, more and more people's attention. Aluminum foil packaging bag because of its good shade, high sealing performance, good moisture resistance, high transparency, acid resistance, wear resistance and other functions are also very good, so it is widely used in the food industry packaging bag. Now the choice of aluminum foil bags is also more valued, and that in the end how to choose aluminum foil bags?

We need to pay attention to the green environmental protection of printing equipment and machinery. Does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids. Production process without pollution, without any harmful substances.

As far as possible to choose not to add coating, coating material, the color of plastic packaging bags can not be used for food packaging. This kind of aluminum foil packaging bags are often made of recycled plastic. Food packaging bag factory is no different smell, no smell, there is a special smell of plastic packaging bags, can not be used for food packaging. Packaging materials should be chosen without coating, coating, children's critical illness insurance.

Vacuum packaging bags need to check the appearance of their packaging bags. Appearance inspection mainly depends on whether there is a clear bag of the packaging bag; whether there is a pinhole; whether there is pollution; seal is not standardized, etc..

Detection of compressive strength and bursting strength. While the strength and breaking strength method is used in extrusion method with weight, the bag on the table, and then add the above weight, continued after a minute, the first vacuum bag is lost, leak etc..

In the selection of materials, the use of environmentally friendly materials, pay attention to the aluminum foil packaging materials can be recycled green, do not use the two waste, especially the food packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials.

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