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Production of aluminum foil tape process
Nov 16, 2017

Aluminum foil tape production process:

1, aluminum foil tape production process is: from the plastic particles of raw materials added to the blown film machine, blown into plastic film, the width is generally around 1.3M. According to tape use. Then choose a different plastic particles and add some special additives.

2, after blown film, the film on the coating machine to a good coating of glue, in fact, this process is mainly based on the viscosity of aluminum foil tape and use to use glue, and so on is a good aluminum foil tape. Or a wide 1.3M, the length of a few hundred M have a large volume of plastic film, not separated from it.

3, then we need to put this large volume of plastic film through a rewinder, and then re-rolled into a small volume of film, which can be used in accordance with the usual use of aluminum foil tape to re-roll the length required.

4, rewinding of small film can be used to separate the cutting machine used in the usual use of aluminum foil tape width, such as 1CM wide or other width can be. Aluminum foil tape production to see the most impact on the quality of the most links Is the blown film and coating the two processes.Because these two processes out is semi-finished products, and the back of the rewinding. Slitting these effects on the aluminum foil tape is relatively small.

Aluminum foil tape coating machine coating process

First, the role of aluminum foil tape coating machine coating effect in the battery production process, the volume of the substrate, copper foil, aluminum foil coated with a layer of specific functions of the slurry. To ensure that the pole piece surface is smooth, smooth, dressing evenly, good adhesion, dry, no material, no material, no dust, no bubbles and drying rewinding.

Second, the coating material equipment, tools: cathode paste, negative paste, aluminum foil, copper foil, aluminum foil tape (used to connect joints), double-sided adhesive (connecting lead), traction belt (waste copper foil) alcohol (Used to measure the thickness), balance said (weighing, measuring density), blade, material box, straight (used to scrub the roll), compression, air, coating plug (used to remove scratches), micrometer (used to measure the thickness) Feet, fine needle, scraping tablets.

Third, the aluminum foil tape coating machine coating operation process coating operation process

1, the staff wear a good labor insurance supplies.

2, check the scraper, test roller, guide roller, back roller is wiped clean.

3, in the shutdown state to wear a traction belt.

4, aluminum foil tape coating machine to open the total power, servo motor, dry fan and other switches.

5, the positive and negative empty foil material fixed and pulled to the oven, so that it is connected with the traction belt.

6, installed trough, baffle, will filter the slurry into the hopper, and filled with pulp.



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