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Present Situation of Future Development of Aluminum Foil Packaging
Jun 20, 2017

Present Situation of Future Development of Aluminum Foil Packaging

First,China 's aluminum foil processing industry development status

China's aluminum foil production began in 1932, but after the reform and opening up began to develop rapidly. China's aluminum foil production strong vigorous development for China's rapid development of aluminum foil packaging to create a solid foundation. The future of China's aluminum foil packaging industry is very bright. Of course, although China's aluminum foil production up, but in the process technology, product quality, product variety, equipment manufacturing and other aspects compared with the advanced countries there is a considerable gap, while shortening the gap between the aluminum foil production will stimulate a new round The rapid development.


Second, the development of aluminum foil packaging industry


1, the development of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil as the most expensive packaging materials, only for high-end packaging. 1911 Swiss candy company began to use aluminum foil packaging chocolate, and gradually replace the tin foil and popular. In 1913 the United States in the success of aluminum refining also began to produce aluminum foil, mainly for high-end goods, life-saving supplies and chewing gum packaging. 1921 United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil cardboard, mainly used for decorative plates and advanced packaging folding cartons. 1938 can be heat-sealed aluminum foil come out. During World War II, aluminum foil as a military packaging materials have been rapid development. In 1948 began to use forming aluminum foil packaging food. The 1950s, aluminum paper, aluminum-plastic composite materials began to develop. By the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging into the rapid popular period.


Into the 21st century, the market competition and product homogenization of the trend, stimulating the rapid development of product packaging. The size of the global packaging market in 2002 has exceeded $ 500 billion. The development of aluminum foil packaging is basically the same as that of the whole industry. In the Chinese market, the development of aluminum foil packaging is faster. There are two main reasons: First, the development of flexible packaging market in China is obvious, and the proportion of consumer goods and food Small and developed countries accounted for more than 65%, and some have more than 70%, while China accounted for about 15%, the proportion of the past two years increased rapidly; second, domestic aluminum composite, aluminum composite technology continues to mature, Which promoted the popularization of aluminum matrix composites in China's packaging market.

2, aluminum foil packaging market situation

With the rapid development of the global packaging industry, packaging has become an important pillar industry in developed countries, in the United States, the packaging industry has become the third largest industry, in Europe, packaging industry is the seventh largest industry. The development of the global packaging industry, which greatly contributed to the consumption of aluminum foil, packaging has become the largest application of aluminum foil consumer market According to the European Aluminum Industry Association statistics, more than 70% of Europe's aluminum foil used in various types of packaging products in the United States this ratio 75% of the packaging used in Japan, aluminum consumption accounted for 70%, of which only food packaging, accounting for 30% of the consumption of aluminum foil.


In 2005, China's packaging enterprises have more than 10,000, with an annual output value of 328.3 billion yuan, in the country's 42 major industries, the packaging industry from the early 80's the last two has risen to the current 14th. In the global packaging market for about $ 600 billion, China has become the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, aluminum foil in the field of packaging applications also achieved a rapid increase. China's packaging with aluminum foil consumption of about 110,000 tons in 2005, of which about 38,000 tons of cigarette packaging aluminum foil, accounting for 34.5% (Note: China in November 2003 has signed the "International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," November 2006 10 Recently, the domestic tobacco companies will switch to environmentally friendly "vacuum aluminum", cigarette aluminum foil will be sharp); food packaging with aluminum foil about 20,000 tons, accounting for 18.2%; dairy packaging aluminum foil about 9,000 tons, accounting for 8.2 %; Aluminum foil for aluminum packaging is about 5,000 tons, accounting for 4.5%; alcohol packaging with aluminum foil 10,000 tons accounted for 9.1%, beverage packaging with aluminum foil 11,000 tons accounted for 10%, pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil 11,000 tons accounted for 10% 6000 tons accounted for 5.5%. Packaging aluminum foil consumption of aluminum consumption of 18.3%, from the above can be seen, the current application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry and the developed countries there is still a big gap.

     Discussion on the Prospect of Aluminum Foil Packaging Industry in 2008 – 2010


Third,The development prospect of aluminum foil packaging


From China's packaging industry development prospects, the state in the field of food proposed agricultural industrialization development planning, food processing as a priority priority areas of development, is expected to future food packaging output value will increase by more than 12% per year. Dairy, beverage industry has become the most growth of the industry today, all kinds of flexible packaging varieties have appeared in the market. 2005 China's pharmaceutical packaging industry with an annual output value of 15 billion yuan, only to meet the domestic pharmaceutical companies 80% of the packaging needs, is expected during the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the pharmaceutical packaging industry will achieve rapid development. In the chemical industry, daily chemicals are entering the market boom, the development potential is huge, in the packaging industry is one of the fastest growing and fastest growing markets. It can be seen that the future growth of China's aluminum foil demand mainly in the packaging with aluminum foil support from the capacity of a large pet market. Industry experts predict that to the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of China's annual demand for packaging aluminum foil will reach about 250,000 tons in the next few years, the growth rate of aluminum foil packaging will be significantly beyond the air conditioning, decoration and cable three aluminum use Growth rate. The following analysis of the major markets for aluminum foil packaging.


1, aluminum foil for cigarette packaging

China is the world's largest consumer of cigarettes, consumer cigarettes in the annual consumption of aluminum foil up to 38,000 tons. However, China in November 2003 has signed the "International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," the domestic tobacco companies have gradually switched to environmentally friendly "vacuum aluminum", is expected after the cigarette foil will be sharp drop.


2, pharmaceutical packaging with aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes water, injection packaging, easy to open caps and pharmaceutical packaging PTP aluminum foil. In particular, PTP aluminum foil with moisture, safety and health, easy to carry, etc., in the international pharmaceutical industry is widely used.


3, food packaging aluminum foil

China's food industry is in an important period of vigorous development. The emergence of food flexible packaging has greatly improved the mechanization of food processing, automation level, speed up the people's daily life of the diet, the process of socialization. In developed countries, food and beverage are mainly used in flexible packaging, while China's flexible packaging development is lagging behind. Aluminum foil in the food packaging applications are mainly two: one is aluminum or aluminum paper composite packaging; the other is aluminum, plastic, paper multi-layer composite packaging, that is Tetra Pak packaging. China's food packaging, including beverage packaging, demand in 2005 about 30,000 tons. The main areas of aluminum foil applications are: 1) chocolate, candy packaging. At present, China's chocolate is basically used aluminum foil packaging, the market demand is with the expansion of China's chocolate consumer market continues to increase. 2) convenience food, cooked food packaging. Such as instant noodles, local specialties such as food. With the development of food commercial market, the demand for such packaging is growing, the development prospects are very optimistic; 3) milk products packaging. At present, the basic milk powder is made of aluminum-plastic composite packaging, liquid milk products are mainly used in aluminum foil carton packaging, regional differences in China's large, dairy products, regional distribution of irrational distribution, aseptic packaging to provide a broad market. At the same time, China's milk development space is huge, in 2005, dairy products per capita consumption of more than 10 kg, the total output reached 17 million tons, aluminum foil demand will reach 9,000 tons; 4) tea, coffee and other products have a considerable part of the use of aluminum composite packaging, This is also an important market for aluminum foil packaging.


From the market trend of development, fresh agricultural products and natural food (drink) will become an important development of China's flexible packaging market. Such as: fruit juice drinks and other beverages in 2005 more than 22.6 million tons, of which flexible packaging on the demand for aluminum foil more than 7,000 tons, vegetable juice drinks and seasoning processing industry in the next five years, will also be a great development, the best of these products The packaging will be aluminum foil aseptically packed. It is expected that the demand for aluminum foil for food packaging will increase significantly from 2008 to 2010, reaching about 55,000 tons / year.


4, toothpaste package composite hose

Aluminum composite hose has excellent barrier properties, strong corrosion resistance and good print adaptability, it is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics and some industrial products packaging. It is expected that the demand for aluminum foil for aluminum-plastic composite hoses will reach 10,000 tons / year in 2008-2010.


5, wine packaging

Alcohol packaging is a new type of packaging material produced in recent years with the requirements of beer hygiene standards.


Four. Development of packaging materials

The development of packaging industry is an important symbol of cultural development and scientific and technological progress. Since the 1950s, the rise of composite materials has led to the revolution in the field of packaging, packaging materials, continuous development of composite technology, the emergence of a variety of emerging composite materials, aluminum foil applications have a certain impact. For example: 1) As the aluminum foil packaging food can not be directly microwave processing, the recent emergence of a high barrier microwave food packaging materials, that is, plastic and other substrates coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide, the material has a high barrier, high microwave Transparent and transparent, suitable for high temperature cooking, microwave processing and other food packaging, can also be used for beverage and edible oil packaging, but this material production costs are high, large-scale production technology is not perfect; 2) nano-packaging materials into Rapid development period. Nanotechnology is the youngest science and technology of the 21st century and is also considered the most promising packaging technology of the 21st century. Nano packaging is still in the development stage, the actual application of less.


In addition, the market has also appeared in a variety of new concepts of packaging materials, aluminum foil packaging with excellent performance and relatively low cost, these new materials are currently not the size of the market and the substantial impact on the aluminum foil packaging. But now and in the next few years, the development of aluminum composite materials is an important trend, it will serve as an alternative to the traditional rolling aluminum foil material, in some parts of the market instead of aluminum foil material.


Aluminization has been used in the packaging industry since the 1960s. In the 1980s, in Europe, the rapid development of Europe, China since the early 90s began to introduce aluminum packaging, but until recently in recent years to get faster development The development of aluminum in China is divided into three stages: the first stage is mainly aluminum foil stickers; the second stage is as product packaging and flexible packaging; the third stage is as cigarette liner paper.


As product packaging and flexible packaging. Aluminum is used in flexible packaging is mainly to replace the plastic and paper, which increases the isolation of the packaging products and visual impact, while a part of the aluminum foil packaging is replaced by aluminum material. With the development of aluminum production, especially multi-layer composite technology is mature, aluminum foil on the aluminum foil packaging will have a greater impact.


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