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Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil heat sealing strength
Sep 16, 2017

Drug packaging is part of the packaging area of a very special commodity packaging. First, it should have "packaging a variety of excellent performance; second. Must also have the function to maintain the efficacy of drugs. With aluminum foil as a drug packaging, with beautiful, light, gas, gas, light and other advantages, so that it became Drug packaging materials in the star.With the people's awareness of health care to improve the aluminum foil has been deep into the lives of each of us, for human health and bear a major packaging mission.


    A few years ago, by the dry domestic aluminum foil packaging manufacturers less. The demand for the market is large. So the manufacturer's products never worry about the sales do not go out, often the user to come to the requirements of the order, as well as manufacturers only focus on production and neglect the quality of the tendency. With the market changes. Domestic aluminum foil as a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers have launched, from the original development of several to the size of several. Sales market competition, users of all aspects of the product requirements are getting higher and higher. And some manufacturers because they do not attach importance to product quality, there is no perfect monitoring measures to control the production of all aspects of the production of products more and more users reach the baby. The increase in returns, so that the interests of enterprises damaged. More serious is a large number of users lost, the enterprise is in a loss of crisis. If you want to re-enable the revitalization of enterprises, we must first formulate strategies to pay close attention to product quality. In terms of aluminum foil packaging, the quality of the merits of a great extent reflected in the product heat sealing strength. to this end. We need to analyze the impact of aluminum foil packaging heat sealing strength of the factors, which improve the quality of products and the development and expansion of enterprises is very necessary.


    Aluminum foil packaging adhesive layer (also known as VC layer) has a good thermal adhesion, heating conditions and PVC film can be heat sealed (the size of the adhesive force is the strength of heat sealing, according to GB12255-90 Regulations to achieve 5.88N / 15mm or more), you can handle the PVC film blister completely sealed up the drug, this adhesion in the long-term preservation process from temperature and humidity, can be a good drug effect. And easy to carry.


    Factors affecting the heat sealing strength of aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging include the following:


    1. raw and auxiliary materials - the original aluminum foil

The original aluminum foil is the carrier of the adhesive layer, and its quality has a great influence on the heat sealing strength of the product. In particular, the surface of the original aluminum foil oil, can weaken the adhesive between the adhesive and the original aluminum foil. If the surface of the original aluminum oil and surface tension below 31xl0-3 ч m. It is difficult to achieve the desired heat sealing strength, which must be strictly the quality of the original aluminum foil off.


    In addition. Found in the production process. All aspects of the technical indicators are in line with the requirements of certain batches of the original aluminum foil, in all the conditions are not changing the case of adhesive, but the final product heat sealing strength are not up to the requirements. The reason is with the original aluminum foil metal composition and surface brightness is not enough. The results show that the transformation of a special part of the original aluminum foil to be fully used, the product will achieve the desired heat sealing strength.


    2. Adhesive aspects


    The adhesive is a special substance containing a solvent which is coated on the dark side (or gloss) of the original aluminum foil under certain process conditions and is dried by drying to form an adhesive layer. The sealing strength of the product plays a decisive role. Adhesives in color can be divided into colorless transparent, gold and color series. Can be selected according to the needs of users. Different components of the adhesive, the final product of the heat sealing strength is also different. Most of the domestic manufacturers to use imported raw materials to prepare adhesives, the product can achieve a high heat sealing strength. But the price of imported raw materials is too expensive, in order to get the product of high profits, some strong scientific research strength of the manufacturers will proceed to research and development of domestic similar raw materials. This research direction is very attractive, if successful, will bring great benefits to the enterprise. It is understood that the domestic production of raw materials manufacturers because of the limitations of domestic raw materials to a large extent can not replace imported raw materials. If used improperly, will seriously affect the product heat sealing strength, so that enterprises suffer economic losses. Therefore, in the choice of adhesive must be identified after a number of studies, to be put into production to go.


    3. Production process


    The main process of production is under the control of a certain process parameters, so that the adhesive in the original foil surface coating process, the quality of the film can directly affect the product heat sealing strength. The more important parameters include the speed of the coating, the sub-section temperature of the bake, the geometric shape of the coating roll, the depth, the number of lines and the position and angle of the scraper.

The rate of coating determines the time of drying of the coating in the bake. If the coating speed is too fast, the drying temperature is too high, will make the surface of the solvent solvent evaporation too fast, resulting in residual film solvent, the coating is not enough dry, difficult to form a strong and solid adhesive layer, Will affect the product heat sealing strength, so that product layer and layer between the adhesion.


    The thickness and uniformity of the coating film are determined by the angle, depth, number of lines and the position of the scraper. If the selection or adjustment is not appropriate, the adhesive can not be uniformly coated on the surface of the original foil Film is not uniform. Product heat sealing effect will not be good, the intensity will be affected. And in accordance with the provisions of the national standard adhesive layer coating, the difference should be less than ± 12.5%. therefore. Must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the parameters of the process to complete the adhesive coating process. To ensure uniform film formation.


    4. Heat sealing temperature


    Heat sealing temperature is an important factor affecting the heat sealing strength. The temperature is too low, can not make the adhesive layer with the PVC film heat seal, adhesive layer and the adhesive between the PVC film is not strong. If the temperature is too high, will make the drug affected. Therefore, the more reasonable heat sealing temperature is usually between 150 ~ 160 ℃.


    5. Heat sealing pressure


    To achieve the desired heat sealing strength, you need to set a certain heat sealing pressure. If the pressure is insufficient, not only can not make the product of the adhesive layer and PVC film fully fit the heat seal, and even leave the bubble between the two, fail to achieve a good heat sealing effect. So the national standard provides a heat seal pressure of 0.2XI0 Pa.


    6. Heat sealing time


    Heat sealing time will also affect the product heat sealing strength. usually. In the same heat sealing temperature and pressure, the longer the heat sealing time can make the heat sealing parts sealed more solid and perfect, can better achieve the desired heat sealing strength. But the modern high-speed pharmaceutical packaging machine process conditions can not provide a long time for heat sealing, if the heat sealing time is too short, the adhesive layer and PVC film will be between the heat sealing is not sufficient. To this end, the national standard provides a scientific heat sealing time of 1s.


    In general, the factors that affect the heat sealing strength of aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging are multifaceted, and each aspect independently affects the heat seal strength of the product. One of the most important factors is the adhesive side, of course, other aspects of the impact can not be ignored. This requires manufacturers to be good at actively looking for problems, with high standards, high demand and high technology to monitor all aspects of production, the only way to ensure that there are excellent products on the market and in the fierce competition in the advantage, by the user Trust, so that enterprises are full of vitality.

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