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Let the silverware shine! A foil effect was so big
Jul 20, 2017

Let the silverware shine! A foil effect was so big

In our daily life, there are often some items that are "useless". For example, most people in the consumption of grapefruit pulp, the pomelo is often lost, in fact, there are many effects of pomelo. First of all, pomelo can be eaten, not only nutritious, and warm stomach, throat. Secondly, the pomelo peel to the refrigerator odor effect is excellent. Xiaohui had a home power, forget the refrigerator put the meat, after a night the whole refrigerator are smelly, and later Xiaohui with a few pieces of grapefruit skin easily solve the odor problem, pro-test effective.


In fact, such items are numerous. Xiaohui today to tell you is our aluminum foil. In addition to the ingredients used to wrap the barbecue, it has a lot of your unexpected use.

 1.     rust to rust

The aluminum foil into a ball, use it to wipe the car bumper and shower curtain rod, you can rust.


2.Make funnel

The aluminum foil curled into a conical, with tape to be fixed, you can do a small funnel.


3. Fixed loose connection

Foil foil foil several times, insert the battery and the connection, you can easily solve the problem of loose connection.


4. Scissors

The foil folded, cut with a pair of scissors, cut you will find the same scissors with the same.


5. Increase the effect of heating furnace


Winter want to quickly let the room warm up, put the aluminum foil wrapped plywood on the rear of the heating furnace, so you can prevent the heat from the wall to disperse.


6. Painting protection

Spray paint, the aluminum foil stickers do not want to be sprayed to the paint door or a specific location, no longer have to worry about the door to the dirty.


7. grill to rust

As long as the aluminum foil kneaded into a ball, to wipe the roast, and then will become a lot of good cleaning.


8. Let the silverware shine

Cover the container with aluminum foil, add a few tablespoons of baking soda, put the silver into the container and pour it into boiling water, so that it can be cleaned quickly.


9. Protect the steel ball

Put the used steel ball into a piece of aluminum foil on the storage, the ball will not be so easy to rust.


10. extend the banana storage time

The aluminum foil can be wrapped in a bunch of banana head to extend the shelf life.

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