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How to prevent aluminum foil pinhole appears?
Mar 09, 2017

In the blank, the roll, the rolling oil, and even the air in the air to reach about 6μm into the roll gap will cause pinholes, so 65m aluminum foil without pinholes is not possible, can only use the size and evaluation of it.

With the increase in the installed capacity of aluminum foil equipment, aluminum foil rolling conditions can be improved, especially dust and rolling oil effective filtration and fast roll system settings, so that the number and size of aluminum box pinholes increasingly dependent on Metallurgical quality and processing defects of blanks.

As the pinhole is often blank blank off, it is difficult to find the corresponding relationship with the original defect. It is generally believed that the pinhole is mainly related to gas content, inclusion, compound and component segregation.

To take effective aluminum liquid purification, filtration, grain refinement and so help to reduce the pinhole.

The use of alloying and other means to improve the hardening properties of the material also help to reduce pinholes. The high-quality aluminum braid rolled 6μm aluminum foil pinhole can be below 100 / m². In the aluminum foil rolling process, the other causes of pinholes are also many, even catastrophic, thousands of pinholes per square meter is not surprising. Strengthen the filtration of rolling oil.

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