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How does packaging trends affect candy sales?
Sep 19, 2017

Every year the Halloween, people in order to "do not give sugar to trouble" or entertain guests, will be in the grocery store snack channel swept all the candy. At the same time, manufacturers are also anxious to wait for consumers to market new and new packaging feedback.


Halloween is one of the most expensive sweets that will consume most of the candy, and Nielsen has recently conducted a survey on the packaging of candy products. The results show that most manufacturers in the whole year to adapt to the candy packaging design changes. The next few months, almost every month there will be consumption of candy festivals - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter. It also poses a challenge for manufacturers to have more innovative and eye-catching products to stimulate this "crowded" food field.


From the deciphering of candy packaging on the shelf more conspicuous secret, to explore how to make the difference and experimental to achieve a better balance of the way, packaging insight for the promotion of holiday and holiday consumption is particularly important.


Candy Packaging Visibility Concepts


Nielsen's packaging design survey shows that the appearance of the product itself is the most important aspect of the impression that candy packaging is left, including the image of the product (51%), the window (49%) used to display the real product on the packaging. These elements have defeated other common packaging design elements, such as trademark or brand name (46%), and color combinations on packaging (41%).


"My assumption is that appetite is very important for food, especially for some impulsive food," said Steve Lamoureux, senior vice president of product innovation at Nielsen. "Of course, letting consumers see Physical products, but also demonstrated a certain degree of truth and integrity.


Clear packaging, including product windows, has become increasingly common in today's food and beverage industries. Kind snack bar is one of the best choice for the packaging of the brand, its "make you better" snack bar has begun to appear in the shopping malls next to the candy stand.


Transparency is a motivating factor for manufacturers to use clear packaging, but appetite also plays a very important role in Mr. Lamoureux's hypothesis. Manufacturers need to understand the importance of visibility for candy packaging. Today, more and more emerging brands are beginning to squeeze into this category, large manufacturers to introduce more new products, to the traditional brand to give innovative value.


Nielsen uses a biometrics approach to evaluate the visibility of candy packaging by tracking the attention of the consumer's line of sight. Nielsen randomly selected some packaging design, played on the screen, each chart stay 4 seconds, and then track the subject's eye movement. Through these tests, Nielsen can determine which packaging to the fastest speed to attract the attention of consumers. This part of the data helps to improve the visibility of the product packaging on the shelves of the mall.


In Nielsen's packaging design survey, Blow Pops was named the most conspicuous candy packaging, which means that the package was displayed on the screen for 4 seconds, attracting the most eyeballs. Lamoureux believes that the main reason may be that this package is larger than other packaging, the color contrast on the packaging is very strong. And color contrast is the most attractive design elements to attract people's attention, in addition to a large piece of people feel very taste of the picture. Fruit pictures are the most visible design elements, with more than half of the clicks, and about two-thirds of the respondents like these pictures, and only 19% do not like it.


The flavor-related design elements seem to resonate with the consumer, even if the graphs are not necessarily images of the physical product. Jolly Ranchers is the subject's favorite packaging. The packaging of this product also has a large area of fruit reflects the flavor of the picture, access to 42% of the number of clicks, is the most prominent packaging elements. Fifty-five percent of the subjects liked the package, and only 12% of the subjects did not like it. According to the subject's feedback content, they usually prefer fruit flavors. They will also like some special fruit flavor characteristics of the packaging, such as green apple and watermelon.


However, in addition to the packaging design of individual products, the visibility of the packaging also depends on the entire category, as well as the category of competitors used by the packaging design.


"It's also important for things to be visible, and what's around it," says Lamoureux. "This means that a package will become conspicuous because of its color, shape, size, and pattern. All of these elements will affect the product's Visibility, in different categories, this situation may be different.If your packaging color is very bright, and next to the packaging is dark, then your packaging is very conspicuous, but if it is in different categories Of the junction, then the situation may not be the case.


Differences and experimental balance


Whenever a packaging design is decided, candy producers need to consider a whole bunch of factors. But the ultimate goal is to stand out from the competitors, to attract the attention of consumers. Lamoureux thinks that yellow is a color that attracts the attention of consumers, but if two or three varieties are packed in yellow, the color can not distinguish between the brands.


"The problem is that from one category to another, your assumptions may be untenable because it is about the whole environment." Lamoureux said, "I have very many hypotheses, but when I link the categories to When I look at it, I have overturned these hypotheses because it is related to the whole environment. The visibility of the packaging is not a universal prescription or formula. That is why you often have to do some small attempts and then through some forecasting means See what the consumer 's feedback is.


Sometimes the distinction between products is experimentation and innovation has not yet found something, such as packaging, packaging materials, color, pattern. However, the experiment on the packaging is a certain risk, will lead to consumers of traditional brands of strong resentment, consumers will directly ignore the new packaging, turned to more visible products.


However, when companies are willing to do the new packaging design trend of the pioneer, then the trend from the evolution of innovation is not far away, the entire category of the various manufacturers will adapt to this innovation. For example, mini independent packaging, standing in the form of bags, can be repeatedly sealed packaging, and share the packaging.


"You can see that in many categories, if those pioneer companies try to succeed, then there will be a lot of companies to start imitating." Lamoureux said, "If these companies are beginning to integrate into this trend, it is clear that, Consumers will accept this trend, and if consumers are willing to buy such products and their product sales are growing, you will see that the packaging trend will spread across categories. "


Correct packaging innovation should be a change, Lamoureux still suggested that manufacturers and their own packaging designers to ensure that the new packaging design concept and the brand and its product value must be related.


"Packaging designers and major businesses can move forward with creative ideas," Lamoureux said, "although this does not mean that we are desperate for creative thinking, rather than in a relatively safe environment to test this It is difficult to predict whether consumers will react, consumers will resonate with what kind of packaging, those packaging is really suitable for specific brands, as well as consumer expectations for these brands.Therefore, it is difficult to predict whether the consumer will respond, , It really depends on some experiments on the packaging. "


In some very competitive categories, such as confectionery, especially this year, Lamoureux emphasizes the importance of packaging for expanding product dimensions, product visibility and driving sales growth. Manufacturers should hire internal packaging specialists, or hire some of the more well-known institutions, bring Lamoureux said "premonition", and then test these premonitions. And then can get the consumer's response to see if the expected effect is achieved. At any time of the year, market research is very important for the design and implementation of packaging innovation for confectionery manufacturers.


"In design, people will rely heavily on subjective judgments and their own evaluation criteria." Lamoureux said, "If a brand is not confident about their ability to judge, they will go to some people who feel good ability to judge, but This is not a very reliable way to enter the market and succeed, and in fact, you really need to find a suitable way to enter the target market, and then check what you do and what you want.

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