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Five common chocolate packaging materials
Sep 18, 2017

As the characteristics of chocolate itself, in the packaging requirements to do anti-moisture melting, anti-fragrance escape, anti-oil precipitation rancidity, pollution prevention, heat and other requirements. So the packaging requirements for chocolate is very strict, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging of aesthetics, but also to achieve the packaging requirements. Chocolate packaging products appear on the market mainly paper products packaging, aluminum foil packaging, tin foil packaging, plastic flexible packaging and composite packaging.

First, paper products packaging

As the paper products of high environmental protection, generally used for chocolate packaging. The outer packaging uses a fixed carton that protects the chocolate from damage and enhances the display. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white cardboard, gray board paper, paperboard and corrugated paper, and some water, oil, acid, deodorant, wafer paper and other high value-added functional paper, the use of the proportion is gradually rising , Which will become a bright spot for paper packaging companies.

Second, aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil has moisture-proof, dark, insulation characteristics. Regardless of the inside of the chocolate, outsourcing must have the shadow of aluminum foil. Under normal circumstances, aluminum foil paper as a chocolate inner packaging. Chocolate is a food that is easy to change, and aluminum foil can be very effective to ensure that its surface does not melt.

Third, tin foil packaging

This is a traditional packaging material, because of its good barrier and ductility, in the current chocolate packaging has been a place, but by the production process, production efficiency, application limitations and price and other factors, by plastic and other packaging The great impact.

Fourth, plastic flexible packaging

Plastic packaging to a wealth of features, various forms of display power and other characteristics, has gradually become one of the most important packaging of chocolate. With the technology mature, cold soft package because of its high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy to tear and other advantages, and can meet the chocolate packaging process to avoid the impact of high temperature, and gradually become the most important chocolate Packaging Materials. The focus of the development of the late plastic packaging is to improve the existing plastic properties, the development of new varieties, improve the strength and barrier, reduce the amount of reuse, classification and recovery of environmental protection.

Fifth, composite packaging

Composite materials because of a variety of materials with complex characteristics and obvious protective display capacity, easy to draw, easy processing, composite layer firm, low consumption, and gradually become a chocolate and candy commonly used in a packaging material. Most of the composite material is based on flexible packaging materials, the current commonly used materials are paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite and paper-aluminum composite. The inner package is made of PET and aluminum foil to keep the gloss, fragrance, moisture and oxidation of the product, prolong shelf life and protect product performance.

Chocolate packaging design materials are common on these types, according to their different packaging styles, the market also has a container type of packaging, the need to use the metal material production, or in combination with the use of composite materials. No matter what kind of packaging materials are to protect the chocolate products, improve product health and improve consumer desire to buy and commodity value. So in the choice of chocolate packaging materials to do a comprehensive investigation.

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