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Chocolate packs of aluminized
Oct 20, 2017

Aluminization is a special process in the plastic film surface coated with a layer of very thin metal aluminum and the formation of a composite flexible packaging materials, one of the most commonly used processing methods when the number of vacuum aluminum plating method, that is, in high vacuum through the high temperature The molten aluminum is melted and evaporated, so that the vapor deposition of aluminum is deposited on the surface of the plastic film so that the surface of the plastic film has metallic luster. Because it has both the characteristics of plastic film, but also has the characteristics of metal, is a cheap and beautiful, excellent performance, practical and strong packaging materials.

In fact, aluminum is the plastic film, such as PET film, OPP film, PVC film, of course, there are other films, can be placed into the vacuum aluminum machine.


Vacuum aluminum machine vacuum, and then the purity of more than 99.99% of the aluminum wire in the 1200 ~ 1300 degrees above the high temperature gasification, so that the gasification of aluminum atoms will run up, and when the plastic film can pass So that aluminum atoms precipitated on top of the plastic film. The following is a structural diagram.

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