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Chocolate package
Aug 23, 2017

A large collection of information on chocolate packaging,

We found: no matter inside the chocolate,

Outsourcing will be the shadow of aluminum foil!

Under normal circumstances, aluminum foil as chocolate packaging, then, we talk about aluminum foil in the end to play what kind of chocolate protection? First, chocolate is a kind of easy to lose, lose weight, so chocolate needs to be able to ensure that his weight is not lost packaging, and aluminum foil can be very effective to ensure that its surface does not melt; the second is moisture, dark features; Is the role of heat, heat.


At present, the global chocolate market capacity of more than 50 billion US dollars, of which Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other developed countries accounted for

More than 60%, per capita consumption of chocolate reached more than 3 kg, individual countries reached 11 kg or more, while the Chinese chocolate market capacity just over 1 billion US dollars, per capita consumption of about 50 grams of chocolate, the domestic chocolate market is entering the import At the end of the period or the early stages of the development period, it is growing at a rate of more than 15%, and it is expected that the Chinese chocolate market will be in an exciting high-growth period in the next few decades. With the development of the market, the extension of the product, the progress of technology and the intensification of competition, the domestic chocolate packaging development is also absorbing the original characteristics of Europe and the United States on the basis of the balance of product characteristics and consumer demand, showing a diversity of characteristics.


Chocolate on the packaging requirements

  Chocolate is made from cocoa liquid, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, dairy and food additives and other raw materials, by mixing, grinding, refining, thermostat, pouring mold, frozen molding process, chocolate dispersion is based on grease As the dispersion medium, all the solid components dispersed between the oil and fat, the continuous phase of the oil into the body of the skeleton, the main component of chocolate cocoa butter melting point at about 33 , so the chocolate temperature of 28 or more gradually softened, more than 35 gradually melt into the slurry. The surface quality of the chocolate is also affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, and when the temperature rises from 25 ° C to 30 ° C, the gloss of the chocolate surface becomes bleak when the gloss of the chocolate surface begins to bleak and disappears, or the relative humidity is quite high And disappear. At the same time, if the chocolate packaging or improper storage, there will be hair, white, oil and insects and other phenomena, in addition, the chocolate also has easy to absorb the smell of other items, some chocolate products will appear Hala taste, Shelf life is not synchronized and so on.

The special characteristics of chocolate and the higher requirements of the sale conditions, the packaging of chocolate made a relatively high demand, in particular, not only requires a good resistance to water blocking gas, temperature and heat, dark, anti-rancidity,

Anti-pitting, anti-mildew pest control and anti-pollution and other basic properties, but also for a long time to keep the chocolate candy color, smell, taste and type.

In addition, with the needs of market competition, packaging requirements with a unique form of expression (including materials, modeling and design, etc.), a variety of performance content (display product form, characteristics and content, etc.) and product value-added features,

Promote product sales, enhance product added value.


Commonly used chocolate packaging materials


Paper products Paper packaging is the world's recognized pollution-free environmentally friendly materials, but by their own characteristics of the restrictions, generally used for packaging, display packaging, packaging and packaging packaging, in addition to the higher surface treatment requirements and special requirements for pollution, Other requirements are not too high, the industry profit is not high. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white cardboard, gray board paper, paperboard and corrugated paper, and some water, oil, acid, deodorant, wafer paper and other high value-added functional paper use ratio is gradually rising, This will become a bright spot for paper packaging companies.


2. Tin foil packaging. This is a traditional packaging material, because of its good barrier and ductility, in the current chocolate packaging has been a place, but by the production process, production efficiency, application limitations and price and other factors, by plastic and other packaging The great impact.


3. Plastic flexible packaging. Plastic packaging to a wealth of features, various forms of display power and other characteristics, has gradually become one of the most important packaging of chocolate. With the maturity of the technology, cold-sealed soft package because of its high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy to tear, etc., and to meet the chocolate packaging process to avoid the impact of high temperature, and gradually become the most important chocolate Packaging Materials. The focus of the future development of plastic packaging is to improve the existing plastic properties, the development of new varieties, improve the strength and barrier properties, reduce the amount of (thick-walled), re-use, classification and recycling environment.


4. Composites. Composite materials because of a variety of materials with complex characteristics and obvious protective display capacity, easy to draw, easy processing, composite layer firm, low consumption, and gradually become a chocolate and candy commonly used in a packaging material. Most of the composite material is based on flexible packaging materials, the current commonly used materials are Zhisu composite, aluminum-plastic composite and paper-aluminum composite.


5. Container packaging. Container packaging is also one of the most common packaging methods in chocolate packaging. It has the advantages of excellent protective performance, excellent production, unique display and secondary use. At present, the common container packaging on the market is nothing more than plastic (injection molding, blow molding Plastic box), glass (paper cans, aluminum cans), glass and paper (mounted box) four categories, in order to pursue the difference in product display, leather boxes, wooden boxes and composite materials such as food containers are not loaded Appeared on the market. In addition, the ceramic material can be the performance of culture and art most vividly, the market has also appeared with ceramic to do high-end chocolate packaging containers.


Future Chocolate Packaging


1. security. With the consumer self-protection awareness of the continuous improvement and strengthening of chocolate production enterprises to control the safety of products continue to increase, especially since the melamine incident, each enterprise in addition to strict control of raw material safety requirements, the packaging itself More and more stringent requirements, the protection of the scope of the increasingly large, the control of the supplier has been from the past factory environment and quality control system to the upstream upstream of the supplier's qualifications, capabilities, safety and environmental certification and so on Review control, increase its own supply safety and quality security. In addition, with the gradual improvement of domestic laws and regulations, the packaging industry, the safety of the entry threshold will be improved, such as the implementation of the national food quality and safety market access system (QS) and food production and related products ( Food packaging and containers, paper packaging and containers) gradually included.


2. Material cost reduction and production efficiency mining normalization. Packaging materials as an auxiliary material, in the context of intense market competition, is often the pioneer of enterprise control costs, packaging costs are often compressed in the level of imagination.

This is a new test for the packaging business, in order to ensure survival, we must be familiar with the chocolate product packaging on all aspects of the requirements in the packaging material selection and functional design efforts to meet the protection requirements on the basis of indicators to reduce the use of packaging materials To the limit

Packaging and lightweight), at the same time, require continuous research and development of thin materials, so that both in the cost of war to seize the initiative, but also meet the requirements of the development of low-carbon economy, in addition, the implementation of "restrictions on goods over-packaging requirements - food and cosmetics" But also on the reduction of packaging materials made a clear request. The development of chocolate packaging machinery is developing towards high-speed automation and multi-purpose, requiring continuous improvement in packaging efficiency. Packaging materials manufacturers must keep up with the situation and strive to improve the adaptability of packaging materials and propose more reasonable solutions to help customers improve Efficiency, and customer win-win. For example, in recent years, in the chocolate packaging is a large number of cold packaging materials used, due to reduced heat transfer time, sealing speed greatly improved (usually the speed of hot-pressed sealing material speed of 8 to 10

Times), but also eliminates the heating material may bring the smell and reduce the loss of chocolate, and gradually replace the traditional hot-pressing sealing packaging materials, if the enterprise can not keep up with the development, the result was only eliminated.


3. Packaging concept new, odd, different At present, the chocolate market shows the phenomenon of intense competition and product homogeneity, enterprises pay more and more attention in the terminal to stimulate consumers to buy desire and display the role of the display, the packaging of the display function put forward higher requirements, as far as possible The difference between the product and the opponent, the enterprise in the packaging up and down enough time, new materials, new technology and new structure of the packaging continue to market, which the packaging business development capacity of the great requirements, if the packaging business in their own packaging products On the more effort, developed a unique product, we can make a huge return. For example, the market appeared a plastic box packaging, the appearance is not much difference, but the design of the two openings a big one small

, When the individual to open a small opening, we share the time to open a large opening, the design fully reflects the highly humane. In addition, there is a kind of tin, open the time in the surface of the light on the automatic bounce, cover the side when the light pinch on the automatic cover, open and cover the way very innovative.


Chocolate industry is a very promising industry, the chocolate market is in a period of rapid growth, the growing demand for packaging, packaging enterprises will usher in a huge opportunity for development, but the chocolate determines the characteristics of the packaging requirements To the higher, which requires packaging companies continue to enhance their comprehensive ability to grasp the development of new developments in the industry, for the competition to grasp the opportunities to keep up with the market rhythm, so as to continue to expand market share in the competitive high-end consumption The gift box packaging has been in a leading position.


The role of packaging in candy, chocolate


Protect the product should be luster, fragrance, shape to extend shelf life:

Candy and chocolate in a certain period of time to maintain the appearance should be very important, such as fruit hard candy should have a better transparency and the corresponding fruit flavor, chocolate surface should have a good brightness and cocoa fragrance, these qualities remain To a large extent depends on the packaging form, packaging materials and the effectiveness of packaging.

In a variety of candies contain different amounts of reducing sugar, the nature of the saccharide has a tendency to easily absorb the water vapor in the air, so candy in a humid environment, will be different degrees of absorption of water vapor, candy once moisture After the sticky (professional terms called hair closure), and lose the proper transparency.


Chocolate products are a heat-sensitive food, but also high-fat content of the product. Therefore, when the indoor temperature exceeds

25 to 30 , the product began to soften, this phenomenon is the chocolate contains some low melting point of fat began to melt, melted fat will move to the chocolate surface, the movement of fat not only make the chocolate soft and will lose the surface Luster, serious will make the product surface whitening; the other in the wet environment, the chocolate contains sugar will be moisture deliquescence, deliquescence of sugar will cause the product moldy.

Therefore, the primary role of packaging is conducive to candy, chocolate products, moisture, heat insulation, the use of suitable products for packaging materials and forms, contribute to the product in the hot and humid environment, to maintain the flavor and shape should be, to prevent oil, Thereby extending the shelf life of the product.


Prevent microbial and dust pollution, improve product health and safety:


Chocolate products are high-protein foods that are particularly important for the prevention of microbial contamination of nuts or pastry chocolate products because the nutrients in the protein and chocolate are excellent microbiological media that are contaminated by bacteria when stored The process will speed up the product of raw insects, deterioration of the speed so that the loss of commodity value. therefore,

Tight packaging to avoid microbial contamination, to ensure product health and safety.


Exquisite product packaging can improve the consumer desire to buy and commodity value:


Commodity quality, price, packaging is the market competition in the three main factors. While the goods in the road leading to the market,

Packaging design is an important one. Because the packaging design different products, on the shelves will give a strong visual effect.

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