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Chocolate aluminum foil wrapping paper pure aluminum foil wrapping paper
Sep 21, 2017

Pure aluminum foil is only aluminum foil without any other material, this chocolate foil wrapper have different size as following:

1. Thickness of 9 microns to 15 microns

This thickness of the chocolate foil can be printed on any smooth surface of the chocolate, because of its relatively thin thickness, easy to shape, but also according to the specific product requirements printing a variety of exquisite designs, directly attached to the chocolate surface, so that both oil, moisture , And can highlight the shape of the chocolate itself.

General thickness of 12 microns to 15 microns of aluminum foil, you can also embossed, according to customer requirements to suppress the customer's product logo can also be used directly on the market embossed pattern. So that the packaging of chocolate more personality characteristics, but also gives the chocolate with the company's product information.


2. Thickness 20-22 microns

This thickness of the aluminum foil, mainly used to do corrugated aluminum foil, is to print a good color of aluminum foil, and then pressure on the corrugated lines, so out of the aluminum foil color beautiful, but also with three-dimensional texture. This kind of aluminum foil paper in the Middle East countries are particularly popular, people will put in the other small and lovely decorations, so that chocolate not only has a delicious taste experience, but also increased its visual appreciation. But corrugated aluminum foil because it is relatively thick, so often used in square, round, egg-shaped chocolate packaging.

3. Thickness 38-55 microns

This thicker aluminum foil, mainly used to wrap similar coins of chocolate, are generally printed and made in accordance with customer requirements package. And then customers with the packaging machine to roll the foil directly packaged chocolate, the formation of the upper and lower cover of the packaging, the appearance resembles the coins.

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