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Analysis on the Development of Aluminum Foil Market in Domestic Packaging
Jul 20, 2017

Analysis on the Development of Aluminum Foil Market in Domestic Packaging

Aluminum is widely used in automobile manufacturing, textile, electronics industry, electromechanical industry, aerospace industry, packaging industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, etc., is an important industrial raw materials.


Packaging with aluminum consumption


At present, China can consume 1613,000 tons per year of aluminum foil. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of cigarettes, cigarette packaging, the annual consumption of tobacco foil up to 35,000 tons, accounting for double the total consumption of 60% of the total consumption of 60% of the total consumption of cigarettes, ; Third, the decorative foil, the construction industry for insulation, moisture and decorative materials, the current Chinese construction, home appliances industry has formed a decorative foil application boom; Fourth, the cable foil, the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, for the line Cable guard. More than four varieties of aluminum foil consumption accounted for more than 70% of China's total consumption of aluminum foil. Pharmaceutical foil, electronic foil, automotive foil and flexible packaging foil in China, although the consumption is not large, but the market growth is good, has become an important consumer growth point of the aluminum foil market.


In addition to cigarette packaging, aluminum foil in the packaging industry applications include: aluminum-plastic composite bags, pharmaceutical aluminum foil blister packaging and chocolate packaging. Some high-end beer is also wrapped in aluminum foil on the bottle.


Medicinal blister packaging, including medicinal aluminum foil, PVC plastic hard film, heat sealing paint and other materials. Medicinal aluminum foil is sealed in the plastic hard film sealing material, with non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, heat, moisture, blocking light, high temperature sterilization and so on. The thickness of the medicinal aluminum foil is generally 0.02 mm, consisting of a protective layer, an ink printing layer, a substrate and an adhesive layer. The aluminum blister is mainly used for some expensive pharmaceutical packaging because of its high cost.


Aluminum-plastic composite bag in addition to the production of soft cans, but also small food, fried foods and other aspects of a wide range of uses. In addition, aluminum-plastic composite bags can be packaged pharmaceutical tablets or Chinese medicine powder. As a result of excellent barrier properties, aluminum-plastic composite materials in the ordnance and munitions packaging also has a larger amount.


Packaging with aluminum production


At present, China has 83 aluminum foil production enterprises, the annual production capacity of 235,000 tons. Some enterprises have modern production equipment, such as Mingtai Aluminum, with semi-continuous casting production line 6, continuous casting and rolling production line 10, 7 cold rolling mill, foil rolling mill 10, pull straightening cleaning machine column, fly Cutting machine, cutting machine, thick foil cutting, slitting, (1 +4) hot rolling production lines and other equipment. However, China's modern aluminum foil production enterprises only 26, less than the total number of production enterprises 1/3. Most of the small aluminum foil production enterprises, the level of equipment and developed countries there is still a big gap. The overall level of aluminum foil mill is the level of the 90s of last century, of which there are more than 200 behind the two-roll aluminum foil mill.


Due to backward equipment, not only the end of the aluminum foil terminal rate of 10% lower than the international advanced level, and middle and low products, high precision products, in short supply, dependent on imports, such as China's double zero foil in 2002 the amount of 60,000 tons, Production of 45,000 tons, there are 15,000 tons by imports. Therefore, the Chinese packaging aluminum market from the development prospects, whether it is consumption or product quality has a huge space for development.

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