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Analysis of Chocolate Packaging Design
Aug 22, 2017

 Abstract: With the rapid development of China's economy, packaging has become an important part of the process of circulation and transportation. It has evolved from simple classification and packaging to protect products, to facilitate circulation and beautifully decorated so as to promote sales. Packaging materials from the previous paper, wood and other packaging materials for the development of plastic, metal, cardboard, glass, composite materials and other packaging materials, can make the goods have a better protection, but also to achieve the purpose of increasing sales. Key words: chocolate, packaging, development trend

Preface: Chocolate is the origin of Mexico, the main raw material is cocoa beans (like coconut-like fruit, in the trunk will bear fruit), its origin is very early, began in Mexico, the last time the emperor of the emperor Mentor, then worship the chocolate society, like to pepper, pepper, vanilla beans and spices added in the drink, playing the bubble, and the gold cup to drink 50CC a day, is a member of the court members of the drink, its scientific name Theobroma There is a "drink of the gods" meaning, is considered a valuable heart, diuretic agents, it is the proteolytic enzyme in the gastric juice with the role of activation, can help digestion. After the chocolate passed to Europe, the Swiss invented the chocolate in the milk, taste better, is the embryonic form of today's chocolate. Chocolate with its fragrant sweet taste of the world's favor, and on behalf of the sweet love, is the expression of love between lovers gift. So the chocolate packaging design must go through some well-designed, in order to win the consumer's desire to buy. Candy, chocolate is a casual food, in recent years on the market in a variety of different forms of candy, chocolate products, can be described as dazzling, both decorate the market and enrich the people's lives.

First, the chocolate on the packaging requirements Chocolate is cocoa liquid, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, dairy and food additives and other raw materials, by mixing, grinding, refining, tempering, pouring mold, frozen molding process, Chocolate dispersion system is based on the grease as a dispersion medium, all the solid components dispersed between the oil, the continuous phase of the oil into the body of the skeleton, the main component of chocolate cocoa butter melting point at about 33 ℃, so the chocolate at the temperature of 28 ℃ above the softening, more than 35 ℃ gradually melt into the slurry. The surface quality of the chocolate is also affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, and when the temperature rises from 25 ° C to above 30 ° C, the gloss of the chocolate surface becomes bleak when the gloss of the chocolate surface begins to bleak and disappears, or the relative humidity is quite high And disappear. At the same time, if the chocolate packaging or improper storage, there will be hair, white, oil and insects and other phenomena, in addition, the chocolate also has easy to absorb the smell of other items, some chocolate products will appear Hala taste, Shelf life is not synchronized and so on. The special characteristics of chocolate and the higher requirements of the sale conditions, the packaging of chocolate made a relatively high demand, in particular, requires not only have a good resistance to water blocking gas, temperature and heat, dark, anti-rancid, anti- Mildew pest control and anti-pollution and other basic properties, but also for a long time to keep the chocolate candy color, smell, taste and type. In addition, with the needs of market competition, packaging requirements with a unique form of expression (including materials, modeling and design, etc.), a variety of performance content (display product form, characteristics and content, etc.) and product value-added features to promote products Sales, enhance product added value.

Second, the chocolate packaging materials 1, commonly used chocolate packaging materials

Paper products. Paper packaging is the world's recognized pollution-free environmentally friendly materials, but by their own characteristics of the restrictions, generally used for packaging, display packaging, packaging and packaging packaging, in addition to the higher surface treatment requirements and special requirements for pollution, Other requirements are not too high, the industry profit is not high. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white cardboard, gray board paper, paperboard and corrugated paper, and some water, oil, acid, deodorant, wafer paper and other high value-added functional paper use ratio is gradually rising, This will become a bright spot for paper packaging companies.


Tin foil packaging. This is a traditional packaging material, because of its good barrier and ductility, in the current chocolate packaging has been a place, but by the production process, production efficiency, application limitations and price and other factors, by plastic and other packaging The great impact.


Plastic flexible packaging. Plastic packaging to a wealth of features, various forms of display power and other characteristics, has gradually become one of the most important packaging of chocolate. With the maturity of the technology, cold-sealed soft package because of its high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy to tear, etc., and to meet the chocolate packaging process to avoid the impact of high temperature, and gradually become the most important chocolate Packaging Materials. The focus of the future development of plastic packaging is to improve the existing plastic properties, the development of new varieties, improve the strength and barrier properties, reduce the amount of (thick-walled), re-use, classification and recycling environment.


Composites. Composite materials because of a variety of materials with complex characteristics and obvious protective display capacity, easy to draw, easy processing, composite layer firm, low consumption, and gradually become a chocolate and candy commonly used in a packaging material. Most of the composite material is based on flexible packaging materials, the current commonly used materials are Zhisu composite, aluminum-plastic composite and paper-aluminum composite.


Container packaging. Container packaging is also one of the most common packaging methods in chocolate packaging. It has the advantages of excellent protective performance, excellent production, unique display and secondary use. At present, the common container packaging on the market is nothing more than plastic (injection molding, blow molding Plastic box), glass (paper cans, aluminum cans), glass and paper (mounted box) four categories, in order to pursue the difference in product display, leather boxes, wooden boxes and composite materials such as food containers are not loaded Appeared on the market. In addition, the ceramic material can be the performance of culture and art most vividly, the market has also appeared with ceramic to do high-end chocolate packaging containers.

2, the major supermarket stores chocolate packaging

After the investigation in the major supermarket stores,

Found that both the domestic packaging or foreign packaging are good

Of the design, there are beautifully packaged to make the big finger, there are compact and unique people appreciate the pleasing, but also full of playful people can not help but look at more and with a deep sweet color. A class using a window or transparent design, so that consumers can at a glance, such as Ferrero's packaging, the gold package itself gives a strong visual impact, and thus transparent box can highlight the product itself, if changed to fancy The pattern of the shell is completely closed to completely waste the chocolate's own unique shape.


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