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Aluminum foil used in many, in addition to baking can also be used to print
May 10, 2017

Aluminum foil used in many, in addition to baking can also be used to print


What can foil foil be used for baking? Aluminum foil can also be used for printing. So when the aluminum foil encountered in the printing, how should it be prepress it? 2010-2015 China aluminum foil industry market depth assessment and investment planning analysis report to tell you.

Aluminum foil printing surface treatment
Aluminum foil paper placed in the air, the surface will immediately generate a layer of very thin layer of dense oxide, if the oxide layer is not dirty, the ink has a good adhesion. But the actual production of aluminum foil by the lubricant and environmental dust pollution, the formation of a layer of thin film affect the adhesion of ink. Therefore, the printing of aluminum foil paper must be pre-press the erosion of the coating treatment to eliminate the lubricant class of dirt, and enhance the adhesion of ink and foil surface adhesion.

Aluminum foil paper etching treatment, also known as the bottom surface treatment, is the use of shellac coating or nitrocellulose coating on the aluminum foil surface primer coating. After coating, the printing surface is no longer a foil but a coating material. These coating materials have good affinity with the ink, thereby increasing the adhesion of the ink to the foil surface.

Pretreatment of aluminum foil printing paper

Aluminum foil is a composite material of aluminum and paper. When a working or use environment changes in temperature and humidity so that it can not reach the internal balance, the double layer structure connected by the inner coating or the adhesive will produce internal stress, which will not only cause expansion or contraction , And because of changes in moisture content, but also make the paper local size changes, the formation of curl, wrinkles, waves or even permanent deformation, seriously affecting the printing and post-processing quality. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal printing of aluminum foil, it is necessary to control the printing and dyeing workshop temperature and humidity, so that the workshop temperature maintained at (25 +2) ℃, relative humidity remained at 50% to 60%.

Printing and dyeing before the temperature and humidity balance and its important, temperature and humidity does not reach the balance will produce static electricity, resulting in difficult feeding. The actual production, aluminum foil original packaging in the workshop at least 16h to open the cut white material, 8-12 hours after the printing. In addition, in addition to dry paper drying rack, the printing process in the processing period should also cover the plastic film moisture or reduce the telescopic deformation.

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