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Aluminum foil tape as a military packaging materials have been rapid development
Nov 15, 2017

Aluminum foil tape as a military packaging materials have been rapid development


The original tin foil is made of tin, but the foil is harder than the aluminum foil, and has the shortcomings of retaining the tin in the food, so after the aluminum price is reduced, the foil replaced the tin paper in daily life. However, due to metal aluminum will affect the development of the brain, so the current surface of the aluminum foil will be coated with a coating to avoid the release of aluminum metal.


Aluminum foil tape packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil tape as the most expensive packaging materials, only for high-end packaging. 1911 Swiss candy company began to use aluminum foil tape packaging chocolate, and gradually replace the tin foil and popular. In 1913 the United States on the basis of successful aluminum refining also began to produce aluminum foil tape, mainly for high-end goods, life-saving supplies and chewing gum packaging. 1921 United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil cardboard, mainly used for decorative plates and advanced packaging folding cartons. 1938 can be heat-sealed aluminum foil tape come out.


During the Second World War, aluminum foil tape as a military packaging materials have been rapid development. In 1948 began to use forming aluminum foil tape containers packaged food. The 1950s, aluminum paper, aluminum-plastic composite materials began to develop. By the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging into the rapid popular period.


Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, not only has a moisture-proof, airtight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless advantages, but also because of its elegant silver-white luster, easy to process a variety of colors and beautiful patterns Pattern, and thus more vulnerable to people's favor. In particular, aluminum foil and plastic and paper after the composite, the aluminum foil shielding and paper strength, plastic heat sealing integration, to further improve the packaging materials necessary for water vapor, air, ultraviolet and bacteria shielding performance , Greatly broaden the application of aluminum foil tape market. As the packaging of goods and outside the light, wet, gas and other fully isolated, so that the packaging has been well protected. Especially for the packaging of cooking food, the use of this compound name foil material, at least to ensure that food for more than a year without deterioration.


Aluminum foil tape because of its excellent characteristics, widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, drugs, photographic floor, household necessities and other packaging materials; electrolytic capacitor materials; construction, vehicles, ships, houses and other insulation materials; Gold and silver lines, wallpaper and all kinds of stationery printed matter and light industrial products, such as decorating trademarks. In the above-mentioned various applications, the most effective use of aluminum foil tape performance point is as a packaging material.



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