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Aluminum foil standard production process
Aug 18, 2017

Metal foil is the earliest as a special beer bottle sealing decoration and security change about 100 years ago, today beer label bag

The material of the foil is actually a very high content of pure aluminum, the traditional foiling (foil) metal was lead or plating

Tin lead, which is the domestic aluminum foil is still marked as the reason for the foil. The advantages of aluminum foil in the processing is easy, with good printability and bonding performance, compared with the paper label will not affect the printing and labeling.


The finished aluminum foil surface is polished, flat, clean and bright for reel or flexo

Brush, not subject to color, pattern and design restrictions, but also print the special temperature of ink, to the consumer warning of the best drinking temperature; or increase the screw cap is steal the function, along the bottom of the mouth to tie a pinhole line, When the label is marked, the tip of the pinhole can not be affixed. If the top pinhole is precisely torn, it indicates that the cap has been opened.


Beer aluminum foil top standard, also known as cap standard, with the original natural metal texture, brightness, eye-catching than any other

Substrate, like the crown of fine jewelry, and the abdomen, back standard seamless, together to create the perfect brand beer. Europe and the United States many high-grade beer all use aluminum foil cap standard, domestic 640ml, 630ml, 500ml bottled aluminum foil marked 60%, with the total national beer consumption and high-end beer were 15%, 10% increase in the next few years Aluminum foil is up to maintain the price of about 20%.


Aluminum foil application performance


The original aluminum foil for the printing plant is the aluminum foil factory for the purity of 99.5% of the standard aluminum ingot melting, hot casting, crude pressure,

Process processing made, the domestic beer seal standard thickness of about 0.011mm, the German wine standard thin to double zero, or 0.009mm.

After the aluminum foil is molded, the surface lubricating oil is removed from the aluminum foil by means of evaporation. The grease is used to prevent the foil from sticking during the rolling process. The surface of the finished foil can not leave any oil traces. Otherwise, it will affect the adhesion of the printing ink. The corona treatment is usually installed on the printer, increasing the printing surface up to the value, increase the ink / light fastness.


After the printing of the reel aluminum foil in the packaging plant behind a few processes to be embossed / Zhaokong, cross, flat, die

Or punch made into the customer requirements of the standard shape. These mechanical processes affect the mechanical properties and processing of aluminum foil materials to varying degrees

Performance, connection optimization operation can reduce the tensile strength of aluminum foil (Mpa) and elongation (%) damage, and ultimately to ensure that the brewery labeling adaptability.


Label factory using domestic equipment is basically a single machine-based work, by the embossing Zhaopeng machine, cross-machine, flattening machine,

Die cutting machine (rectangular) and punching machine (shaped superscript). Germany, Italy equipment only two production lines, embossing / hole / cross / flattening, die-cutting machine (rectangular) and oblique (shaped standard) the same machine operations. Embossed on the one hand to play the aesthetic function of the label,

Flower-shaped worm-like, cup-shaped, diagonal bar; the other side of the aluminum foil to help the stack of tightness, reasonable embossing depth and the first pattern of the process after the edge of the aluminum foil can be cut off after the "butter" Tightly attached, there is no single sheet of aluminum foil

The space formed by the gap, so that the mold / punch cut blade front, thick and straight. Pinhole size, density, uniformity affect the tensile strength and labeling adhesive distribution, but mainly affect the drying time of the standard glue, the brewery requires water through the pinhole release from the label of the fast drying period for the labeling after 2 ~ 4 days.


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