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Aluminum foil in the application of lithium batteries has great potential
Jul 20, 2017

Aluminum foil in the application of lithium batteries has great potential

In China, "second five" plan in the new energy vehicles is one of the seven emerging industries, has become the country to revitalize the economy and change the industrial structure of an important breakthrough. The development of new energy vehicles is an important part of low-carbon economy, to alleviate the contradiction between energy supply and demand, improve the environment and promote sustainable economic development has an important role in promoting.


New energy vehicles is one of the most able to reflect the level of national science and technology development, independent innovation and international competitiveness of the industry, to promote China's transport energy transformation, through energy diversification, power electrification, emissions clean, to achieve our country from automobile production The Transformation of Automobile Technology Power. China's introduction of the "Automotive and New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan" (2011-2020) draft provides that the central government will invest hundreds of billions to support energy-saving and new energy automotive core technology research and development and promotion, so that our country The largest new energy vehicle producer, so that China in the new energy vehicle production technology and developed countries to keep pace with or in the leading level, China has the electric car as a new energy vehicle development in the top priority is the development of new energy vehicles Main direction. Electric vehicle power source is the battery, the power battery is composed of anode, cathode and electrolyte composition of the mobile energy source. When the charge from the positive electrode outflow, through the electrolyte flow to the negative, work or discharge when the positive and negative electrode reverse the electrochemical reaction, the resulting voltage drop driven load, the car running.


Lithium iron phosphate (lithium cobalt oxide LiCoO2, or lithium manganese oxide LiMn2O4 or ternary compound Li (NiCo) O2) coated on aluminum foil, but the best for lithium iron phosphate The The negative electrode is a copper foil coated with graphite or lithium titanate. There are diaphragms between the positive and negative foils. Will be wrapped around the positive and negative (including the diaphragm) together into the battery shell, into the electrolyte, and then vacuum packaging, that is completed a single battery production.


Lithium battery cathode material procurement costs accounted for 30%, 20% of the anode material, diaphragm material accounted for 20%, electrolyte accounted for 20%, 10% of the shell. Diaphragm is polyacrylic acid. The positive electrode material has a great influence on the battery performance (referring to the lithium compound applied to the aluminum foil), the whole positive electrode is the most critical part of the battery. The development of new energy automotive industry is related to the national energy security, people's livelihood and environmental protection, but also the fate of China's auto industry development. Electric car lithium battery cathode need aluminum foil, and requires the quality of the car itself as light as possible, and aluminum is the preferred component of the current automotive parts lightweight, aluminum in the development of electric vehicles and hybrid cars play a vital role. It is predicted that in 2030 China's electric car ownership will account for more than 30% of total holdings, China's new energy (20.82, -0.37, -1.75%) automotive industry for aluminum applications to develop a new application areas, The amount of considerable. Lithium battery anode aluminum foil on the performance of aluminum foil is no special requirements, the Chinese aluminum foil industry can fully meet all the requirements of this foil.

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