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Aluminum foil for Container foil have the new way to coat oi
May 10, 2017

Aluminum foil for Container foil have the new way to coat oi


Now the aluminum foil have been widely adopted as semi-rigid containers for holding food at home and
abroad .With the continuous development of nationaleconomy and people's living standards improve,
 people's health consciousness also increased, and the people improve the protection consciousness
to the promotion of environmental .The  semi-rigid containers aluminum foil have  replaced   the traditional
 foam, plastic container gradually.

Semi-rigid containers general made by the  single zero foil, foil commonly used alloys such as 8011,3003,
3004,1145. The thickness  is 0.02 -0.08 mm . The semi-rigid containers foil into various shapes, with the
stamping way will foil stamping forming.


aluminum foil as the food container

Without any processing , the aluminum foil will have scrapes in the process of punch forming,
due to the friction , so that  the quality of the product is decrease.So first in oil processing on
aluminum foil surface before stamping , the thickness of the oil 150-400 mg/m2.Because the
 oil lubrication effect protect the aluminum foil surface is notaffected, improve product quality.


The oil way is divided into two kinds: the way roller coating and spraying.

Traditional way of oil is given priority to with roller coating method, using roller coating oil on
 aluminum foil surface often cause the oil on aluminum foil surface is uniform, and in the process
 of stamping production.With less oil lubrication effect is not obvious, the aluminum foil are clean cut.
With oil will make all kinds of problems such as stamping and aluminum foil adhesion.


The anti-rust treatment on the surface of a strip of steel rolling industry, people started using electrostatic
 spraying onaluminum foil surface spray treatment.Both electrostatic oiler import and domestic electrostatic
 oiler, obvious effects than the traditional roller coating type oil is much better, not only oil evenly, and save
 fuel, is well received by many customers.Make to develop further container foil, aluminum foil for food packaging
 and container applications more widely.


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